How to Take a Screenshot on iPad

Take a screenshot on any iPad and with an Apple Pencil

What to Know

  • If your iPad has a Home button, press and release the top and Home buttons to capture a screenshot.
  • No Home button? Press and release the top and Volume Up buttons.
  • You can also use an Apple Pencil by sliding it up from a corner.

This article explains three ways to take a screenshot on iPad and where to find those screen captures afterward.

Take a Screenshot on iPad With a Home Button

If you own an iPad that has a Home button such as the older iPad Air and iPad Pro or iPad Mini, taking a screenshot is simple.

The instructions in this article apply to iPadOS 14 and older versions.

Press and release the top button and the Home button at the same time. You’ll see the screen flash and hear a camera shutter sound.

iPad with Home button and top button

The thumbnail pops up on the bottom left corner of your screen. You can tap to view it immediately or wait until later, which we’ll explain below. If you choose to wait until later, the thumbnail will slide away without you doing anything.

Take a Screenshot on iPad Without a Home Button

If you own an iPad that does not have a Home button such as an iPad Pro or the new iPad Air, taking a screenshot is just as easy.

Press and release the top button and the Volume Up button (which is on the right side) at the same time. Like with other iPad models, you’ll see the screen flash and hear the camera sound.

As of iOS 15, you can use either volume button. You're not restricted to only using the Volume Up button.

iPad without a Home button, top and volume up buttons

Tap to view the thumbnail right away or see our steps below for viewing it in your Photos later.

View Your iPad Screenshot

If you capture a screenshot on your iPad using the buttons as described above and do not view the thumbnail right away, not to worry. The screenshot is then saved automatically to your Photos.

  1. Open Photos on your iPad.

  2. Display the left-hand sidebar if it’s hidden by tapping the Sidebar button on the top left.

    The Sidebar button in Photos on the iPad.
  3. Tap to expand Media Types.

    Media Types in the Sidebar in Photos on the iPad.
  4. Select Screenshots.

    iPad Photos app, Screenshots.

Your screenshots are treated like any other photos you take with your iPad camera. Select one to see it in full screen. Then use the buttons at the top to share it with a contact, edit it with built-in tools, or mark it as a Favorite.

If you tap to view the thumbnail immediately, the screenshot will not be saved automatically. Tap Done on the top left to save it.

Take a Screenshot on iPad Using an Apple Pencil

If you use an Apple Pencil with your iPad, you can use it to capture a screenshot as well.

  1. Place your Apple Pencil on one of the bottom corners of your iPad screen.

  2. Slide the Apple Pencil up and the screen will shrink to a box.

  3. Release your Apple Pencil to capture the shot. You’ll notice the screen flash briefly and hear a camera shutter sound.

    iPad Screenshot Captured with Apple Pencil

Your screenshot is then front and center where you can immediately annotate it with the iPad's markup tools at the bottom, share it, or save it. 

Share or Save a Screenshot

To share the screenshot, tap the Share button on the top right. Select a contact to send the screenshot in Messages or pick an app like Mail or Reminders.

Tap the Share Button for a Screenshot on iPad

To save the screenshot to Photos or Files, tap Done on the top left and make your selection. 

Tap Done to Save a Screenshot on iPad

You can also share or save the screenshot with these methods after you use the markup tools to include your annotations.

Capture an iPad Screenshot Easily for Anything

No matter what your reason for taking a screenshot on your iPad, you can see just how easy it is. Ask your pal which button to use, show your mom how to send a message, or save a shot of when you passed that hard level on your game. Screenshots make it simple! 

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