How to Take a Screenshot on Android

It's easy to capture a screenshot with stock Android

There will be plenty of times that you may want to share something you've found on your phone with a friend or simply want to save for a later date, such as a copy of your travel itinerary. Using the Android screenshot feature makes it easy to create a copy of whatever you see on your screen, so you can quickly save the information to your device or send it over to a friend. Thankfully, it's easy an tool to use. Here's how to take a screenshot on Android phones, using several different methods.

These steps for taking screenshots on Android will apply to most devices, including Google Pixel phones, phones running recent versions of Android, and even Android tablets. Some of these techniques will also work on Samsung devices but you may also want to know how to take screenshots on Samsung devices.

How to Take a Screenshot on Android: Hardware Method One

  1. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for about one second

  2. Wait until your display responds, confirming the screenshot was taken. A camera shutter sound may play if your audio is on.

  3. Review your screenshot by looking for it in the notification panel. From there, you can easily share or delete it.

How to Take a Screenshot on Android: Hardware Method 2

If simultaneously pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons is difficult, you can use an alternate method to screenshot on Android. This is not as quick, though, so if you're trying to capture a screenshot of a specific point in a video, rewind it some to prepare.

  1. Hold down the Power button for about one second until a menu pops up.

  2. Select the Screenshot option from the pop-up menu.

  3. Review your screenshot by looking for it in the notification panel.

    Android screenshot steps

How to Take a Screenshot on Android: Hands-free with Google Assistant

Finally, if you want to take a screenshot on your phone without needing to touch it, recent versions of Android will let you do so using Google Assistant. So, there's a hands-free way to screen capture on Android. You'll just need to ensure you have set up Google Assistant on your device with access to your screen. This method is also tricky to time, so it's better for capturing screenshots of static visuals than videos.

  1. Activate Google Assistant using your voice command (default is "OK, Google"). This will bring up the Google Assistant overlay on your screen, but it won't be part of the screenshot.

  2. Say to Google Assistant, "Take a screenshot." Google Assistant will take a screenshot of whatever is on your screen underneath the overlay. If you're playing a video, it may pause the video. In the case of YouTube, Google Assistant will pause the video, bringing playback controls onto the screen, but the screenshot will not include the playback controls.

  3. Select from the options for actions. Google Assistant will not automatically save the screenshot, so you'll either need to Upload to Photos, Save to Drive, or select another option to share it directly.

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