How to Take 30-Second Snaps on Spectacles

Taking a 30-second Snap on Spectacles requires only the press of a single button

What to Know

  • Press the button Spectacles three times to begin recording a 30-second video Snap.
  • While recording, the outside LEDs on Spectacles will light up to alert people around you.
  • So you know when you're recording while doing so, an inner LED you can see when wearing Spectacles will also light up.

This article explains how to take 30-second video Snaps on Spectacles.

While you can take pictures, 10-second and 20-second videos on Spectacles, 30-second videos are the longest-form capture Spectacles support.

While recording Snaps on Spectacles, the inner LED will flash when the recording is nearing its end to give you the option of pressing the button to extend your recording up to a maximum of 30-seconds. This won't happen when recording a 30-second Snap.

How to Take 30-Second Snaps on Spectacles

With a pair of charged, connected Spectacles, taking Snaps on Spectacles is handled by the Spectacles' only button.

To take a 30-second Snap on Spectacles, press the button Spectacles three times. You can press the button once or twice to take 10-second or 20-second videos, respectively.

Outer Spectacles LEDs light up while recording to alert people around you, while inner Spectacles LEDs light up while recording to let you know when recording starts and stops.

How to Access 30-Second Snaps Taken on Spectacles

On Spectacles paired with an Android device, it's likely the recordings will automatically be uploaded to your phone and be accessible in the Memories tab in the Snapchat app.

On Spectacles paired with an iOS device, open the Memories tab of the Snapchat app and tap the Import button that appears at the top of the screen; then, your Snaps will appear in Memories as well.

Once Snaps appear in Memories in the Snapchat app, they're deleted off Spectacles, freeing up storage space.

Tips for Taking 30-Second Snaps on Spectacles

Snaps taken on Spectacles are shot in circles, meaning when you rotate a phone viewing these Snaps, you'll see more of the image or video, so you can capture a lot more on Spectacles than you can with your phone.

Certain generations of Spectacles support 60 frames-per-second recordings, which normal video Snaps don't, so you can capture a lot of action and quick camera movements without videos getting too blurry.

Spectacles can hold up to 150 videos. Once Snaps taken on Spectacles are accessible on the Snapchat app, the Snaps are deleted off the Spectacles themselves, so you don't often have to worry about your 30-second Snaps filling up your Spectacles.

  • How many Snaps can Snapchat Spectacles hold?

    The number of Snaps that Snapchat Spectacles can hold depends on the length of your videos and the number of pictures you take. While you can take up to 150 videos and up to 3,000 pictures, if you have a combination of videos, pictures, and media you've already stored, you'll use up your storage more quickly.

  • How do I turn off my Snapchat Spectacles?

    There's no power-off function on Snapchat Spectacles, so you can't turn off Snap Spectacles in a traditional way. A single charge will allow for hundreds of pictures and more than 70 videos. To conserve your battery, don't take too many videos and resist the urge to record everything.

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