How to Tag Someone on Instagram

Tag someone in a post, story, or comment

What to Know

  • New post: tap Tag People under caption field, tap anywhere on the photo (or the plus sign if a video), search/tap a user, tap Done.
  • When creating a story, tap the sticker icon, tap @Mention, search for a user, and then select them from the horizontal list.
  • In a comment, type @ followed the person's username to select the user from the suggested list.

This article will show you how to tag other Instagram users in your photo and video posts, Instagram stories, and comments. You can do this either in the mobile app or on the web; these instructions use app screens, but the process the site will be similar.

How to Tag Someone in an Instagram Post

You can tag someone in a photo or video post before posting it, or you can edit an existing post you previously published to add tags. You can only tag people in your posts.

The following instructions include screenshots of the iOS app only. However, the process is the same for the Instagram Android app.

  1. Before posting a new Instagram post to your profile, go to the caption field on the New Post/Share tab and tap Tag People.

  2. If you're posting a photo, tap anywhere on it (like someone's face) to set the tag.

    If you're publishing a video, tap the plus sign (+) button beneath the video post preview.

  3. A list of suggested users will appear. Tap the user you want to tag from the list or search for a specific user using the search field.

    Instagram app post-creation pages with "Tag People," "Tap Photo to tag People," and the search field highlighted
  4. The tags will appear over your photo post preview or beneath your video post preview—repeat steps 2 and 3 to add additional tagged users if you want.


    If you want to undo a tag from a photo post preview, tap the tagged username and then tap the X to its right. To undo a tag on a video post preview, tap the X beside the tagged user.

  5. Tap Done in the top right corner.


    Users you've tagged will receive a notification that they've been tagged after posting your photo or video.

  6. Finish posting your photo or video post. You'll see a tag icon appear in the bottom left corner of your published post, which you and anyone else can tap to see the tags.


    You can add, edit or remove tagged users even after you've posted it. Tap the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the post, then tap Edit > Tag People. Follow steps 2 and 3 from above, then tap Done.

How to Tag Someone in an Instagram Story

There are two ways you can easily tag someone in your stories.

  1. When creating a story, tap the sticker icon in the top right.

  2. Tap the @Mention sticker.

  3. Tap the @Mention sticker on your story to start typing in the user you want to tag. A horizontal list will appear at the bottom with suggestions.

    Instagram story with the Sticker icon and @Mention sticker highlighted
  4. Tap the user you want to tag.


    Optionally toggle the blue button off or on to allow or disallow mentioned users to create with this story or share it.

  5. Your story will now include the tagged user. You can optionally tap it to change its style.


    Tagged users will receive a notification they've been tagged when you post the story. They'll also receive a direct message from you, including a preview of the story.

  6. The second way to tag someone is by tapping the text icon in the top right corner and then typing @, followed by a username.

    Instagram story with the tag "@Lifewire" "@lifewiretech" and the Text symbol highlighted


    This tagging method is handy if you want to type out a message that includes a tagged user.

How to Tag Someone in an Instagram Comment

You can tag people in the comment sections of your posts and other people's posts.

  1. When typing your comment, type @ followed by the person's username you want to tag.

  2. A list of suggested users will appear. Tap the user you want to tag to insert their tagged username into your comment automatically.


    Keep in mind you can add a tag anywhere in your comment, before, in the middle of, or after any text you type.

  3. Once you tap Post to publish your comment, it will highlight the tag in blue in your comment, and anyone will be able to tap it to go to the tagged user's profile.

    Instagram story showing placement of @ symbol when tagging someone in a post


    The tagged user will receive a notification you tagged them once the comment is posted.

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