How to Tag Friends in Facebook Posts

Tag People to Draw Their Attention to Your Post

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Tagging in Facebook occurs when you include a friend's name as a link in one of your posts. When you tag a friend in one of your Facebook posts, you create a link that draws that person's attention to the post. Anyone you tag is notified about it, and any of your readers can click on the linked name to visit the friend's Facebook profile right from your posts on Facebook if the tagged person's privacy permissions allow it.

If the person you tagged has set her privacy settings to public, your post shows up on her own personal profile and on the news feed of her friends. In some cases, your friend may have to approve the link before it appears to her friends. If you or one of your readers hovers a mouse cursor over the tag, a mini view of the person's profile pops up.

How to Tag a Person in a Facebook Post 

  1. Go to the Create a Post section at the top of your News Feed or the Status section at the top of your personal profile. 

  2. Click in the box, type the @ sign followed immediately by the person's name (example: @nick).

  3. As you type the person's name, a drop-down box appears with your friends' names that are similar.

  4. Choose the person you want to link to in your post from the drop-down menu.

  5. You can also click the Tag Friends button that appears when you click in the Status field and select your friends that way.

  6. Continue writing the rest of your post in the way you normally would.

  7. After adding the post to your page, you and everyone who sees it can click on it and go to the other person's profile if the tagged person's privacy permissions permit it.

How to Remove a Tag From a Post

To remove a tag you placed in one of your own posts, click the arrow in the upper right corner of your post and select Edit Post. Remove the name with the tag in the Edit screen that pops up and click Save.

To remove a tag to your profile in someone else's post, go to the post and click the arrow in the upper right corner. Click on Remove Tag. You won't be tagged in the post anymore but your name may appear in other places like News Feed or Search.