How to Use Galaxy Book Pro 360 in Tablet Mode

Turn your Galaxy Book Pro 360 into a tablet with just a few taps

What to Know

  • To turn on tablet mode, first, open the Action Center then expand the list of four tiles at the bottom of the Action Center and tap Tablet mode to turn it on.
  • To return to Laptop Mode, tap the Tablet Mode tile.
  • Tablet Mode is a default feature on most Windows 10 computers.

This article explains how to use the Galaxy Book Pro 360 in tablet mode.

How to Use the Galaxy Book Pro 360 in Tablet Mode

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a Windows 2-in-1 with a 360-degree hinge. You can fold the display back until it touches the bottom of the laptop, effectively converting it to a tablet.

Tablet mode is a default feature in Windows 10. It can be used on most Windows devices with a touchscreen, but it's particularly useful on a device with a rotating hinge like the Galaxy Book Pro 360. Follow these steps to turn it on.

  1. Tap Action Center in the far right corner of the taskbar. It's represented by an icon that looks like a chatbox.

    Windows 10 desktop with the Action Center icon highlighted
  2. The Action Center will slide in from the right side of the display. Tap Expand. You'll find this just above the row of four tiles at the bottom of the Action Center.

    Windows 10 Action Center with Expand highlighted

    The tiles in the Action Center remember when they've last been expanded or collapsed. It's possible you've previously expanded the titles, in which case you'll see 16 instead of four. You can skip this step and move on to the next.

  3. Tap the Tablet mode tile.

    Windows 10 Action Center with the Tablet mode tile highlighted

Tablet mode will activate immediately. You'll notice that open windows and apps expand to take up the entire display and that Windows interface elements, like the Windows Start menu, also expand to full-screen mode. Icons and buttons will also become larger.

How Do I Turn off Tablet Mode on My Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360?

You can return to "laptop mode" at any time. Just tap the Tablet mode tile again.

The Tablet mode tile will be shaded with your default Windows 10 selection color if it's on (blue is the default selection color on the Galaxy Book Pro 360). The tile will appear gray if it's off.

How to Automatically Use the Galaxy Book Pro 360 in Tablet Mode

Tablet mode only takes a few seconds to activate, but Windows has the ability to turn it on or off automatically when you rotate the Galaxy Book Pro 360's hinge into a tablet orientation. This is off by default. Here's how to turn it on.

  1. Tap Windows Start.

    Windows 10 desktop with Start highlighted
  2. Tap Settings, which is represented by a gear icon.

    Windows 10 start menu with Settings highlighted
  3. The Settings menu will open. Tap System.

    Windows Settings menu with System highlighted
  4. Tap Tablet, found in the list of options on the left-hand side of the System menu.

    Windows 10 setting menu with Tablet option highlighted.
  5. You will see a drop-down menu labeled When I use this device as a tablet. Tap the drop-down menu and select Always switch to tablet mode.

    Windows 10 tablet settings menu with "Always Switch to Tablet Mode" highlighted
  6. Your choice takes effect immediately. Close the window to exit.

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 will now automatically turn Tablet mode on or off depending on the position of the display.

What Is the Advantage of Tablet Mode?

Tablet mode changes the size of windows and apps. It also increases the size the Windows user interface and the size of the interface in some third-party apps. This can make using the Galaxy Book Pro 360 as a tablet more enjoyable, as some Windows interface elements are too small to be easily activated on a touchscreen device. You'll notice changes to multi-tasking, as well, as new touchscreen gestures are activated.

  • How do I disable the keyboard when I'm in tablet mode?

    Windows 10 has an automatic detector that will disable the keyboard and touchpad when your device is set to Tablet mode. To access it, go to the Control Panel > Keyboard. Select Keyboard Lock > Auto Lock the keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard and touchpad will become disabled automatically when you’re in Tablet mode.

  • Is the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 a laptop?

    Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a laptop, but it also has smartphone- and tablet-like aspects. It uses the same Super Amoled display tech as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone; the display also doubles as a touchscreen that can be flipped 360 degrees, creating a tablet-like interface known as Tablet mode.

  • How much does a Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 cost?

    A 13-inch Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 has a starting price of about $1,200, while a 15-inch model starts at about $1,300. You may find a lesser sale price or take advantage of a trade-in to get a lower cost.

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