T-Mobile Magenta Max Customers Can Watch Their Apple TV+ Shows for Free


Apple TV+ has been added to T-Mobile's benefits list for its Magenta Max mobile service plan, with options available for regular Magenta members as well.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert revealed the change with the abrupt statement, "Apple TV+ is now included with Magenta Max. So now you can stream all the 'Ted Lasso' and other Apple originals you want. That's it." Aside from the benefit of having access to Apple's popular streaming platform, T-Mobile also says this brings Magenta Max's total value (according to them) up to around $225 in monthly savings for two or more phone lines.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert announces Apple TV+ on Magenta Max


Outside of streaming services, the plan also offers unlimited data streaming with no caps, in-flight Wi-Fi (also with no limits), and Scan Shield Premium for better protection against dubious calls. There's also a year-long membership to AAA with 24/7 roadside assistance and T-Mobile Travel that can be used to save money on select hotels and car rentals. So you wouldn't just be paying for Apple TV+ access.

Magenta Max already provides Netflix (HD for up to two screens) as well as one year of Paramount+ for its entertainment benefits, so this change will add a third streaming option to the mix. As with Paramount+, T-Mobile shows that Apple TV+ will be "on us" for one year, with Apple's $4.99 per month subscription fee being added once that year is up.

Existing Magenta Max customers, as well as those looking to subscribe, can enjoy "Ted Lasso" and other Apple TV+ programming starting on August 31. Magenta Max is available for $90 per month ($85 with auto-pay discounts) for one line. Non-Max, standard Magenta plan members will also have the option of checking out Apple TV+ for free for six months, after which it will add $4.99 per month to the cost of their plan unless canceled.

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