T-Mobile Expands 5G Coverage to 80+ Cities

More home internet options are good for all

More areas across five US states have been added to T-Mobile's home internet availability list—resulting in more internet options for close to five million homes.

Large portions of the US still need high-speed internet access, which is exactly what T-Mobile aims to provide as it expands its 5G home internet coverage across 81 additional cities and towns dotted around the center of the US.

Working on a 5G tower


T-Mobile cites a study by the Greater De Moines Partnership, which documents accessibility and affordability issues with many internet services across Iowa, as an example of its importance. Many of the homes in the report don't have access to what the FCC classifies as high-speed internet at all. Similarly, many students (even some schools) in rural areas across Oklahoma and Missouri don't have high-speed internet either.

5G coverage expansion


With this expansion, T-Mobile claims that many of these areas will finally be able to utilize much faster internet than was previously available. Internet that would help businesses, students, and families with work, study, communication, or just sitting back to enjoy some downtime.

As of today, T-Mobile's 5G Home Internet is being made available in areas across Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The service, according to T-Mobile, is set at a flat rate of $50/month with no added fees or taxes, and no price hikes.

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