How to Do a System Update on Your Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS
redoxkun/Flickr/CC 2.0

Occasionally, you will be asked to perform a system update for your Nintendo 3DS. These system updates add new features to your hardware, fix bugs, and do other kinds of maintenance. Nintendo usually lets Nintendo 3DS owners know when a system update is ready to download but to check and perform the update manually, you can follow these steps.

Here's How

  1. Turn on your Nintendo 3DS.
  2. Access the "System Settings" menu by tapping the wrench icon on the bottom screen.
  3. Tap "Other Settings."
  4. Click the arrow on the right side of the bottom screen until you reach page 4.
  5. Tap "System Update."
  6. You will be asked if you want to connect to the Internet and perform a system update. Tap "OK." (Don't forget, you need a wireless internet connection!)
  7. Read through the Terms of Service and tap "I Accept."
  8. Tap "OK" to begin the update. Nintendo recommends that you plug your Nintendo 3DS in its AC adapter to keep from losing power in the middle of an update.


  1. You need a Wi-Fi connection ​to perform a Nintendo 3DS system update.
  2. The update might take several minutes to download. If you believe the update is frozen or otherwise "hanging," turn off the Nintendo 3DS and try the update again. We've got troubleshooting steps to follow if your system update fails.
  3. If you bought your Nintendo 3DS prior to June 6, you will need to perform a system update to gain access to the Nintendo 3DS eShop as well as the handheld's internet browser, and the Nintendo DSi to Nintendo 3DS content transfer.