Syncing iTunes Movie Rentals to iPhone or iPod

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Introduction to Syncing iTunes Movie Rentals

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One of the nice features of iTunes Movie Rentals is the ability to watch the movies you rent on a portable device like an iPod or iPhone. Apple has made the process of moving rented movies to your iPod or iPhone very easy. Here’s how you do it.

To start with, make sure you have enough free disk space on your device before you start. For most iPods, this likely won’t be a problem. For iPhones, though, since they have less storage, you may need to delete some songs or photos to make space. When you’ve watched the movie you can always put them back.

Once that’s done, begin by syncing your iPod or iPhone with your computer.

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Click the Video Tab

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When the management screen comes up, click on the Video tab. If you’ve got a rented movie to move to your device, it will appear in the left-hand box on this screen as you can see below.

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Move Movie to iPod or iPhone

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To move the movie to your iPod or iPhone, click the "move" button. You’ll see the movie get placed into the left-hand column for items to be synced to your device.

Be sure that you’re connected to the Internet before you sync again, as iTunes will need to authorize the movie.

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Click Apply to Resync

syncing itunes movie rentals, step 3

Click the "Apply" button in the bottom right to sync the movie to your device. Depending on the size of the movie, this may take a while.

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Watch Your iTunes Movie Rental

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Once that’s done, disconnect device as you normally would and your movie will be on your iPod or iPhone, ready to watch. Just make sure you have enough battery life!

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A Note About Watching Rentals on iPod or iPhone

One thing to know about iTunes Movie Rentals is that when you move the movie to your iPod or iPhone, it will be deleted from your computer’s hard drive and you won’t be able to watch it there without renting the movie again. The movie will be removed from your iPhone after the 24-hour viewing window expires and you sync the phone.