How to Sync BlackBerry Contacts With Gmail

Keep your contacts consistent across your devices

If you want to sync your BlackBerry and Gmail contacts, but don't want to do it manually, set up automatic or wireless syncing. Your Gmail contacts appear on your BlackBerry, and your BlackBerry contacts appear on your Gmail account. Changes made on one end are reflected in the other.

Instructions in this article assume that you have an active data plan for your BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry software version 5.0 or higher, and an active Gmail account.

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How to Set Up Contact Syncing on Your BlackBerry

If you use Gmail, the built-in contact manager is useful because it's used by other Google apps such as Google Docs and is accessible from any computer through your Gmail account. It's commonly used as a replacement for the contact managers in email and contact applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

Back up your existing BlackBerry contacts with a program like Backup Contacts before syncing those contacts with your Google contacts. If something goes wrong, restore the original BlackBerry contacts.

To set up sync between a BlackBerry and Gmail:

  1. Go to the home screen of your BlackBerry and choose Setup.

  2. Choose Email Accounts or Email Setup.

    If prompted, choose Internet Mail Account and log in with the BlackBerry Internet Service account username and password.

  3. Select Add.

  4. Choose Gmail from the list, then select Next.

  5. Enter your Gmail address and password, then select Next.

  6. Select Synchronization Options.

  7. Select the Contacts and Calendar check boxes, then select Save.

  8. Confirm your Gmail password, then select OK.

The first time you sync your contacts, the process may take several minutes if you have lots of contacts. The sync between your Gmail account and BlackBerry phone occurs every four hours by default and is limited to 10,000 contacts.

If wireless synchronization doesn't function, make sure wireless synchronization is enabled. Go to Contacts > Options and choose the appropriate contact list. Make sure Wireless Synchronization is selected.

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