How to Sync Yahoo Calendar With iPhone Calendar

Add your Yahoo calendar to your iPhone for on-the-go time management

Smart phone with calender on display, memos and reading glasses in background

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Scheduling tomorrow today is an admirable habit. We schedule to keep time free and to know when and where we have commitments. When you're away from your computer, you still need access to your calendar to remain productive.

Yahoo Calendar on the web travels well, but on an iPhone or other iOS devices, the Calendar app is closer than the browser. Wouldn't it be great to have Yahoo Calendar events appear there automatically and to be able to edit appointments too?

Setting up Yahoo Calendar and iPhone Calendar to synchronize automatically and in the background is easy. Any changes to the Calendar update on both the iPhone and your Yahoo account.

Sync Yahoo Calendar With iPhone Calendar

To synchronize Yahoo Calendar with iPhone Calendar automatically:

  1. Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen.

  2. Go to Calendars.

  3. If you have not yet added the Yahoo account as an email account to iPhone Mail:

    Tap Add Account in the Accounts section.

    Choose Yahoo.

    Type your full Yahoo Mail address where it says Enter Your Email and tap Next.

    Enter your Yahoo Mail password under Password.

    Tap Next.

    Make sure Calendars is marked ON.

    Tap Save.

  4. If you have already added Yahoo Mail to iPhone Mail:

    Tap the desired Yahoo! account.

    Make sure Calendars is marked ON.

  5. Press the Home button.

Remove a Synced Yahoo Account From Your iPhone

If you find that your account isn't syncing properly, you should delete and then re-add your Yahoo account. To remove a synced Yahoo Calendar account from your iPhone:

  1. Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen.

  2. Select Calendars.

  3. Tap your Yahoo account.

  4. Tap Delete Account.

  5. Tap the Delete from My iPhone confirmation.