How to Sync Playlists in Windows Media Player 11

Songs and albums can be quickly synced to your MP3 player using playlists

If you use Windows Media Player (WMP) 11 to transfer music to your portable music player, a quick way to get the job done is to sync your playlists. You may have created playlists in WMP 11 to play songs on your computer, but you can also use playlists to transfer multiple songs and albums to your portable music player. This makes syncing music quicker than dragging and dropping songs or albums into WMP's Sync List.

You can also create playlists in WMP 11 for other media types such as music videos, audiobooks, photos, and more. If you've never made a playlist in Windows Media Player, read our guide on creating a playlist in WMP before following the rest of this tutorial.

Choose Playlists to Sync

To syncing playlists to your portable player, open Windows Media Player 11 and follow these steps:

Before choosing a playlist, make sure your portable device is connected to your computer.

  1. To sync a playlist to your MP3 player or another device, you must be in Sync view mode. Select the blue Sync tab in the upper-right portion of WMP.

    Windows Media Player 11 - Sync
  2. Before syncing a playlist, check the playlist's contents by selecting a playlist in the left pane. If you don't see your playlist in the left pane, click the plus (+) sign to expand the Playlist section.

  3. Drag a playlist to the Sync List in the right pane.

  4. If you want to sync more than one playlist to your portable, repeat the above step.

Sync Your Playlists

Now that your playlists are set to sync, it's time to transfer their contents to your portable player.

  1. Select Start Sync in the lower-middle section of the Sync List pane. Depending on how many tracks need to be transferred (and the speed of your portable's connection), it may take some time to complete this stage.

  2. When the synchronization process has completed, check the Sync Results pane to make sure all tracks successfully transferred.

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