How to Sync a PS5 Controller

You can pair one or more DualSense controllers to your console

What to Know

  • Connect the PS5 controller using the included USB cable and press the PS button. Disconnect the cable once the controller starts working.
  • To sync additional PS5 controllers, use the connected controller to go to Settings > Accessories > General > Bluetooth Accessories.
  • On the controller that you want to connect, press and hold the PS button and Create button simultaneously.

This article explains how to sync the official Sony DualSense controller PS5 controller with the PlayStation 5.

How to Connect and Pair a PS5 Controller to the PS5

When you first set up your console, the first thing you must do is pair the controller with your PS5.

  1. Turn on your console and connect the DualSense controller with the included USB-C cable.

  2. If the controller is turned off, press the PS button on the center of the controller. The light bar on top of the controller should blink, and the player indicator LED should light up. 

    The PS button on the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller
  3. Once the controller is working, disconnect the USB-C cable to use the controller wirelessly.

    You will periodically need to charge the controller by connecting it to the console or a wall charger. The controller will charge while the PS5 is in sleep mode.

  4. If prompted, update the system software to make sure the controller has the latest firmware updates.

    Once a controller is paired with the system, you can turn on the PS5 by pressing the PS button on the controller. The light bar may flash blue until it connects with the console.

    You can connect a PS4 controller to a PS5 controller to play PS4 games; however, you can't play PS5 games with the PS4 controller. You can also use the DualSense with a PS4.

    How to Connect Additional PS5 Controllers Wirelessly

    After you've paired a controller with your PS5, you can add more controllers wirelessly. You can sync up to four controllers at once.

  5. Make sure the light bar on top of the controller isn't on. If it is, hold down the PS button on the center of the controller until it turns off.

    The PS button on the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller
  6. With your connected controller, go to Settings.

    The Settings icon on the PS5 home screen
  7. Select Accessories.

    Accessories in PS5 settings
  8. Select General.

    The General heading in PS5 Accessories settings
  9. Select Bluetooth Accessories.

    The "Bluetooth Accessories" heading in General Accessories settings
  10. On the other controller that you want to connect, press and hold the Create button and PS button simultaneously.

    The Create and PS buttons on the PS5 DualSense controller
  11. With your connected controller, select the other controller when it appears on the screen under Accessories Found.

    The Accessories Found heading

A PS5 controller can only be paired with one console at a time. If pair your controller with another PS5, you will have to repair it with the first console before you can use it again.

PS5 Controller Troubleshooting Steps

If you're having problems pairing your PS5 controller with the PS5 console, here are a few things you can try:

  • Reset the PS5 controller. Use a straightened paperclip or another pointy object to press the sync button found inside a small hole on the back of the controller.
  • Try using a different USB-C cable to connect the controller to the console.
  • Update the system software. Go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software.

If your controller is completely unresponsive, go to Sony's PlayStation Fix and Replace page to see if you can get it repaired.

  • How do I sync my PS5 controller without a USB-C cable?

    Unless you already have a different controller connected to your PS5, you can't sync a DualSense controller to the console without the use of a USB-C cable. However, if you do have a working controller connected (either wirelessly or physically), you can wirelessly sync another controller through Settings.

  • How do I sync my PS4 to my PS5?

    You can't so much sync your PS4 to a PS5, but you can transfer data from the older console to the new one. It's possible to copy your games and saved data over through a Wi-Fi transfer, a cloud storage transfer, or by using a USB storage device.

  • How do I sync a wireless headset to my PS5?

    Make sure the headset is charged, then plug the USB adapter into the console. Once ready, turn on the headset and watch the blinking blue light. Once it stops blinking and glows a solid blue, the headset is successfully paired.

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