How to Sync a Logitech Wireless Mouse With a Different Receiver

Unifying makes multiple connections a breeze.

What to Know

  • A wireless Logitech mouse compatible with the Logitech Unifying Receiver can connect to any Unifying Receiver.
  • You'll need Logitech's Unifying software to pair or un-pair a compatible wireless mouse.
  • Wireless Logitech mice not compatible with the Unifying Receiver only connect to the receiver they shipped with (or Bluetooth, if supported).

This article includes instructions for syncing a Logitech wireless mouse with a different receiver and information about using Unifying- and Non-Unifying Receivers. There is also information on disconnecting a mouse from a wireless receiver.

How to Sync a Logitech Wireless Mouse With a Different Receiver

Most wireless Logitech mice connect through a USB dongle called the Logitech Unifying Receiver. Your mouse will ship with a receiver, but you can sync the mouse to a different receiver if you lose it.

  1. Download Logitech's Unifying software. It's available for Windows 10, 8, and 7, macOS/OS X 10.8 or newer, and ChromeOS.

  2. Remove any Logitech Unifying Receiver currently connected to your PC.

  3. Launch the Logitech Unifying app.

  4. A welcome screen will appear. Tap Next.

  5. The installer will prompt you to connect a Logitech Unifying Receiver to your computer. Connect it to an open USB port. Tap Next.

  6. The next screen instructs you to turn your wireless mouse off and then back on. Do so and click Next.

    A screenshot of the Logitech Unifying Software being used to connect a wireless mouse

    The Logitech Unifying Receiver may not detect your wireless Logitech mouse during this step if it's currently connected to your computer over Bluetooth. Disconnect it from Bluetooth to resolve this problem.

  7. Your mouse should now be connected. The final screen will ask you to confirm your mouse pointer is working. Select the Yes radio button and then click Exit.

Can I Use a Logitech Mouse With a Different Receiver?

You can use any wireless Logitech mouse that supports the Unifying Receiver with any Unifying Receiver. A single Unifying Receiver can connect up to six wireless Logitech devices, including mice and keyboards.

Do All Wireless Logitech Mice Support the Unifying Receiver?

No, not all wireless Logitech mice support the Unifying Receiver.

Most wireless mice and keyboards sold by Logitech do support it, but many older models do not. For example, Logitech's gaming mice don't support the Unifying Receiver and instead use Logitech's "Lightspeed" wireless feature.

You can identify wireless Logitech mice compatible with Unifying by the square, sun-like icon printed on the mouse. This icon is also on the Unifying Receiver.

How Do I Pair My Logitech Mouse or Keyboard With Another Non-Unifying Receiver?

Wireless Logitech mice and keyboards that connect to a Unifying Receiver can't connect to other receivers, including those made by Logitech. However, some wireless devices compatible with the Unifying Receiver also support Bluetooth.

How Do I Unpair My Logitech Mouse From My Receiver?

You can use the Logitech Unifying software to unpair devices, as well. Here's how to do it.

  1. Launch the Logitech Unifying software.

  2. Click Advanced.

  3. A screen will appear with a list of currently connected Unifying devices. Click the device you want to unpair and then tap Un-pair.

    Logitech's Unifying Software with Unpair highlighted
  • How do I replace the receiver for a wireless mouse?

    If you lost your Logitech wireless mouse's Unifying USB receiver, you can buy a replacement receiver on the Logitech website for about $15. Alternatively, you can purchase a replacement on Amazon for around $10.

  • How do I connect a Logitech wireless mouse without a receiver?

    If your Logitech wireless mouse supports Bluetooth, you can connect it via Bluetooth instead of a receiver. To do this on a Windows 10 PC, go to Settings > Devices > Add Bluetooth. On your mouse, press the Connect button; the device should appear as an available Bluetooth device on your screen. Select it to complete the pairing process and use your mouse.

  • Can I fix my Logitech wireless mouse receiver?

    Possibly. There are several effective troubleshooting measures to try when your receiver is malfunctioning. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Logitech's Unifying software, then go through the process of syncing your mouse to the receiver again, as described above, and see if this solves the problem. Another option is to see if you have the correct USB drivers installed on your PC. Search for the USB.inf and USB.PNF files. If they're not there, you may need to download fresh drivers from Microsoft. Another option is to uninstall any applications that may be interfering with your receiver, such as software used to connect gaming controllers. If all else fails, replacing your wireless receiver is easy and relatively inexpensive (see above).

  • How do you connect a Logitech wireless mouse M505 with a different receiver?

    The Logitech M505 was one of the first Logitech wireless mice to use Unifying software to pair and connect a mouse with a receiver. You'd connect your M505 mouse with a different receiver by following the instructions above: Install the Unifying software, connect another receiver to your computer, and follow the prompts.

  • How do you connect a Logitech wireless mouse M310 with a different receiver?

    Logitech's M310 mouse isn't compatible with Logitech's Unifying software. The M310 has USB wireless compatibility and needs a special nano-receiver. If you lost the receiver or it's broken, you can buy a replacement on Amazon for about $15.

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