Learn the Easiest Way to Switch to Yahoo Mail Classic

Want to use the basic version of Yahoo Mail?

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You might want to switch to Yahoo Mail Classic to get to the older, basic version of Yahoo Mail; this might be a smart move if your internet is slower, because the classic version doesn't load the newer menu items, putting less stress on your connection. However, the newer version is useful itself as it does look and feel better, with the ability to categorize mail by date.

Check Your Current Version of Yahoo Mail

To check which version of Yahoo Mail you are currently using within your web browser, take note of the top menu bar, where the Yahoo logo is displayed, and you have the option of searching your inbox.

Screenshot of New Yahoo Mail Heading
New Yahoo Mail heading. Michael Archambault

Look for these characteristics to determine which version you are currently using:

New Mail: Large colorful heading (purple by default), white-colored Yahoo logo, one large hourglass search button.

Classic Mail: Small gray heading, purple- and gray-colored Yahoo logo, two search buttons: one for searching mail and one for searching the web.

How to Switch Back to Yahoo Mail Classic

The easiest way to switch to the basic version of Yahoo Mail is to log onto your account and then open the URL that will take you directly to the older view.

Screenshot of Yahoo Mail Classic Inbox
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Alternatively, you can follow these steps to achieve the same results manually:

  1. From Yahoo Mail, click or tap the Settings menu button at the top right of the page. It's the button that looks like a gear.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the window that appears and select the Switch to classic Mail option.

  3. In the popup window that appears, click Switch back to classic Mail.

    Screenshot showing how to switch back to classic yahoo mail
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The Yahoo webpage will then refresh and give you the older, classic version of Yahoo Mail. If you wish to switch back to the new Yahoo Mail to experience the company's latest features, follow the steps noted below.

Take a Step Even Further Back to Yahoo Mail Basic

If the older classic version of Yahoo Mail still isn't minimallist enough, or if you access the internet on a limited connection, you may consider switching to Yahoo Mail Basic. If that option interests you, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you are first in the Classic version of Yahoo using the steps provided earlier.

  2. From Yahoo Mail, click or tap the Settings menu button at the top right of the page. It's the one that looks like a gear.

  3. In the Viewing email section, which should be open by default, scroll down to the bottom and choose Basic instead of Full featured.

  4. Click the Save button.

    Screenshot of Yahoo Mail Basic with empty inbox
    Yahoo Mail Basic. Michael Archambault 

Yahoo Mail Improvements

While the older Yahoo Mail experience might be preferable for individuals with a slower internet connection, you may find benefits in switching to the new Yahoo Mail. The most significant update is its newly designed interface, which offers users a more modern presentation. Yahoo users can also enjoy new features such as disposable email addresses, enhanced filters, and automatic message forwarding.

New Yahoo Mail Experience

Yahoo has upgraded all of its customers’ mail capacity to 1TB of storage, so you don't’ need to fret about your inbox filling up. Another change to consider is that current Yahoo Mail Plus subscribers, who can enjoy an ad-free inbox experience, will be able to keep their current rate, but now new customers will have to pay a higher rate per year for the same privilege.

How to Switch to the New Yahoo Mail

If you are interested in the new features offered by the latest Yahoo Mail update, you can take a leap forward from the classic inbox by following these instructions:

  1. While in the classic version of Yahoo Mail, navigate to the lower right-hand corner of your web browser's window.

  2. Click or tap One click away from your upgraded inbox.

    Screenshot of New Yahoo Mail button
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    If you are using Yahoo Mail Basic, the option to switch will be located in the upper right-hand corner of your web browser labeled Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail.

  3. When you next use the program, you'll experience the new Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail will refresh automatically and give you the newest version available. If you decide you aren't a fan of the latest update, recheck the steps noted above to revert to Yahoo Mail Classic.