How to Switch to Yahoo Mail Basic (Simple HTML)

Get this simpler version of Yahoo Mail if you have troubles loading emails

You can switch from the regular Yahoo Mail to Yahoo Mail Basic if you want a simpler yet still functional interface that should work fast in any browser and on networks with lower-than-average speeds. It uses simple HTML to speed things up without all the fancy animations and buttons.

Yahoo Mail turns to basic mode automatically when it recognizes a slow connection or a browser that doesn't know how to handle the fully featured interface. There used to be an option in the settings to switch over to the basic version, but that option is no longer offered; you can only get there through a special link.

Yahoo Mail Basic is similar to Yahoo Mail Classic, which used to have its own option in the settings. Basic is your only choice now.

How to Switch to Yahoo Mail Basic

Screenshot showing the Yahoo Mail Basic URL

Yahoo Mail Basic does not have its own option in the settings for you to click and enable. Instead, you have to use the Yahoo Mail Basic link to get there.

Then go to Settings > More Settings > Switch to basic Mail.

How to Switch Back to the Full Yahoo Mail

Screenshot of the full version of Yahoo Mail

If you're using Yahoo Mail Basic and want to turn on the regular Yahoo Mail again.

Given that Yahoo Mail does not have a menu button to switch over to Yahoo Mail Basic, it also no longer lets you click the Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail link at the top of the page to return to Yahoo Mail.

Depending on your browser, browser settings (e.g., JavaScript is disabled), screen resolution, and internet connection speed, Yahoo Mail Basic may be the only supported version. For users not yet 13 years of age, Yahoo Mail Basic might be the only version available to you.

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