How to Switch to Desktop Mode on iPhone

3 ways to request a desktop site on your phone

What to Know

  • For a single website, open the page, and then go to Options (aA) > Request Desktop Website.
  • To always use the desktop version: Options (aA) > Website Settings and turn Request Desktop Website on.
  • To use desktop version for every site: Settings app > Safari > Request Desktop Website > turn All Websites on.

This article shows how to request a desktop version of a website in Safari and other browsers on an iPhone, including how to automatically open desktop sites for every site you go to. Instructions apply to devices running iOS 13 and later.

How Do I Request a Desktop Site on My iPhone?

The mobile versions of websites are generally streamlined to make them easier to use on the smaller screen, but you may lose some functionality. Here's how to open the full version in Safari for iPhone.

  1. With the site open, select the Options menu in the address bar. It looks like two capital letter A's.

    You may need to scroll up or down to reveal the address bar.

  2. Tap Request Desktop Website.

  3. The page will reload with the desktop version.

    The More menu and Request Desktop Website option in Safari for iPhone

How Do I Always Open the Desktop Version of a Website?

You can use the same menu to automatically open a desktop version every time you go to a certain site.

  1. With the site open, tap the Options menu next to the address bar.

  2. Choose Website Options.

  3. Tap the switch next to Request Desktop Website to on/green.

    The More, Website Settings, and Request Desktop Website options in Safari for iPhone
  4. Now, even if you navigate away, your iPhone will automatically open the desktop version every time you open a page in this domain.

How Do I Always Open a Desktop Version of Every Website?

You can use the Settings app to tell Safari to always request a desktop version for every site you visit. Here's what to do.

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Select Safari.

  3. Scroll down and tap Request Desktop Website.

  4. Set the switch next to All Websites to on/green.

    Safari > Request Desktop Website > All Websites in Settings on an iPhone

How to Request Desktop Websites in Other Browsers

If you don't use Safari, you can still request desktop websites in other browsers, although you may have to do it for each site you visit.

In Chrome, navigate to the site, and then go to More (three horizontal dots) > Request Desktop Site.

More > Request Desktop Site in the Chrome app for iOS

In Firefox, open a page and then go to More (three horizontal lines) > Request Desktop Site.

Requesting a desktop site in the Firefox app for iOS

In Microsoft Edge, tap More (three horizontal dots), and then select View desktop site.

Requesting a desktop site in Microsoft Edge for iPhone

In Opera, go to More (three horizontal lines), and then turn the switch next to Desktop Site on.

Requesting a desktop site in Opera for iOS
  • Can I switch my iPad to desktop mode?

    Yes. The steps for iPadOS are the same as using desktop mode on an iPhone.

  • How do I turn off desktop mode on my iPhone?

    To switch back to the mobile version of a website in Safari, tap Options (aA) > Request Mobile Website.

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