How to Switch the Mouse Buttons in Windows 10

How to swap left and right mouse button controls

What to Know

  • Go to Settings > Devices > Mouse > Select your primary button to choose whether the right or left button is primary.
  • By default, the left mouse button is the primary, but you can change that to make the right button primary if that's more comfortable for you.

This article provides instructions and information about changing the primary button on your mouse or swapping your mouse buttons, so they're more comfortable if you are not primarily right-handed or prefer a different layout.

How Do I Reverse the Mouse Buttons in Windows 10?

If you are primarily left-handed, using a mouse with the default settings can be tough. Fortunately, with a few mouse clicks (sorry!), you can change the default setup of the buttons.

  1. Open the Settings app. In Windows 10, you can do this by searching for Settings, going to Start > Settings, or using the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + i.

  2. In the Settings app, select Devices.

    The Devices option in Settings on Windows 10.
  3. Then select Mouse.

    Mouse controls on Windows 10.
  4. Then on the Mouse settings screen, use the drop-down menu for Select your primary button to choose Right or Left.

    • Left is the default setting, and it's commonly used by primarily right-handed people.
    • Right is the alternate setting and is commonly used by primarily left-handed people.

    While you have the Mouse settings open, you can also adjust how the scroll wheel on your mouse behaves or click the links on the right side of the window to adjust other settings like cursor style and size or mouse speed.

    Mouse button options on Windows 10.

Once you've made the adjustments above, whatever button you set as primary will be the one you 'left-click' or drag and drop with, while the other button will be the one you 'right-click' or access context menus with.

Why Are My Left and Right Mouse Buttons Switched?

If you haven't changed your mouse button settings, but they've been swapped, it could be someone playing a prank on you, or someone may have adjusted the settings temporarily while they used your computer. You can use the instructions above to change the mouse back to the default settings or set them up the way you want them.

  • How do I switch mouse buttons on a Mac?

    To swap your left and right mouse buttons on a Mac, go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences > Mouse to open your mouse options. Go to the Primary Mouse Button section, then select Left or Right as your primary mouse button, depending on your preferences.

  • How do I remap mouse buttons?

    To reassign your mouse buttons across all applications, search for and open the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center and select Basic Settings. Select the button you want to reassign, then choose a corresponding command.

  • How do I disable a mouse button?

    To disable a mouse button, install and open the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center and select Basic Settings. Select the button you want to disable, then choose Disable this button

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