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SVS PC-2000 Cylindrical Subwoofer - Photo Profile

SVS PC-2000 Cylindrical Subwoofer. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to

To start off this look at the SVS PC-2000 is a three-way view of this unique subwoofer.

The PC-2000 features a downfiring, bass reflex design that measures (including its rubber Sound Path Isolation feet) 34-inches(H) 16-inches (W) 16-inches(D). The subwoofer weighs 50 lbs.

Inside its cabinet is a 12-inch down firing driver, additionally supported by a rear mounted port, as well as a 500 watts continuous power-capable amplifier.

For more specification details for the PC-2000, refer to my Full Review

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SVS PC-2000 Subwoofer - Controls and Connections

SVS PC-2000 Subwoofer - Controls and Connections. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to

Here is a closer look at the inputs/outputs and main setting controls provided on the SVS PC-2000 Subwoofer.

Starting on the top, and moving down, are:

Volume (Also referred to as Gain or Level) - Adjusts the audio output level of the PC-2000. When using the subwoofer with a home theater receiver, it is sometimes best to set the volume control at a fixed point and use your receiver's subwoofer level controls to set the relative subwoofer output level in relation to the other speakers in your system. Then, using the receiver's master volume control you can control the volume of entire system with out changing the volume relationship between the subwoofer and the rest of the speakers.

Phase Control: Continually adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees. Using this control, you can adjust the in-out motion of the subwoofer cone so that it matches with the in-out motion of the rest of the speakers in your setup. This allows for the be bass output, as well as making sure that all audio frequencies reach your ear at the proper time.

Low Pass Filter (Crossover Frequency): The control adjusts which frequencies are reproduced by the PC-2000 and which frequencies are reproduced by the rest of the speakers in your home theater system. On the PC-2000 the Low Pass Filter Crossover Frequency is continuously adjustable, so that it can be better matched with crossover frequency capabilities of the other speakers in your system.

Auto Standby: The PC-2000 can be set so that it becomes fully operational when it detects an incoming low frequency signal. It is important to note that the master power switch located on the very bottom left also needs to be in the ON position for the Auto-on/Standby function to work.

Trigger Input: This allows for a wired remote control on/off command to be sent from a compatible home theater receiver that has a Trigger output connection. Use a mono-3.5 mm cable for this connection.

Line Level Input: LFE or Stereo Line-in inputs for use when connecting the LFE or Subwoofer Preamp output of a home theater receiver and the PC-2000. If your home theater receiver has a dedicated output labeled "subwoofer" or "LFE", connect an RCA cable between that output and the LFE input on the PC-2000.

Line Level Output: If you have a large room, two subwoofers may be needed (or desired) to provide enough bass coverage. In this case, you can use the Line Level Output(s) of the PC-2000 to connect to additional powered subwoofer. It is preferable that both subwoofers are PC-2000s for the best results although it is not required.

Power Receptacle/Master Power Switch: Finally, moving to the bottom left of this photo left is the power receptacle for the provided detachable power cord, and the Master Power Switch. As mentioned above, the Master Power Switch needs to be on in order to further use the Auto/Standby Control.

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SVS PC-2000 Subwoofer - Included Accessories

SVS PC-2000 Subwoofer - Included Accessories. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to

In this final photo is a look at what else comes with PC-2000 - A detachable power cord, Quick Start Guide, and full User Manual.

In addition, SVS offers its RCA-type Sound Path Audio Cable and a Dayton Wireless Subwoofer Connection Kit - However, similar products made by other manufacturers may also be used.

For more details and perspective on the SVS PC-2000 Cylindrical Subwoofer including specifications and setup tips, refer to my Full Review.