39 Cheats for "Scarface: The World Is Yours" on PS2

Make "Scarface's" world your own with these codes

"Scarface: The World Is Yours" on PS2
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Released in 2006, "Scarface: The World is Yours" is based on the 1983 movie "Scarface," which stars Al Pacino as a Cuban refugee who rises to prominence as a drug kingpin. In a departure from the movie, however, Montana survives in "The World Is Yours" to seek revenge on the people who toppled his reign. Like most PS2 video games, it packs a variety of cheats—making it all the more easy to make this world yours.

How to Take Control of "Scarface's" World

To enter a cheat code, pause the game, select Cheats, and enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat's effect.

General Cheats

  • Decrease cop heat: FLYSTRT
  • Increase cop heat: DONUT
  • Decrease gang heat: NOBALLS
  • Increase gang heat: GOBALLS
  • Fill balls meter: FPATCH
  • Kill Tony: KILTONY
  • Max ammo: AMMO
  • Refill health: MEDIK

Clothing Cheats

  • Unlock black-suit Tony: BLACK
  • Unlock blue-suit Tony: BLUE
  • Unlock blue-suit Tony with sunglasses: BLUESH
  • Unlock gray-suit Tony: GRAY
  • Unlock gray-suit Tony with sunglasses: GRAYSH
  • Unlock Hawaiian-shirt Tony: HAWAII
  • Unlock Hawaiian-shirt Tony with sunglasses: HAWAIIG
  • Unlock tiger-striped effect: TIGSHRT
  • Unlock tiger-striped effect with sunglasses: TIGERSH
  • Unlock white-shirt Tony: WHITE
  • Unlock white-shirt Tony with sunglasses: WHITESH
  • Unlock tan-suit Tony: SANDY
  • Unlock tan-suit Tony with sunglasses: SANDYSH

Music Cheat

  • Unlock "The World Is Yours" track: TUNEME

    Vehicle Cheats

    • Spawn 4x4 stampede vehicle: BUMMER
    • Spawn Ariel MK III: OLDFAST
    • Spawn Bacinari: 666999
    • Spawn bulldozer: DOZER
    • Spawn dump truck: DUMPER
    • Repair current vehicle: TBURGLR

    Mission Replay Cheats

    • Babylon Club redux mission: S13
    • Deliver mission: S12
    • Freedom Town redux mission: SO7A
    • Nachos contreras mission: S09
    • Nachos tanker mission: S10
    • Oakley drive-in mission: DW_frn
    • The dock boss mission: A51
    • Unload mission: S11

    Weather Cheats

    • Change time of day: MARTHA
    • Toggle lightning: SHAZAAM
    • Toggle rain: RAINY
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