Surface Pro 8: News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

Everything we know about the new Surface Pro

Leaked image of the Microsoft Surface Pro 8
An unconfirmed photo of the new Surface Pro.


The 8th generation Microsoft Surface device is nearing its way onto store shelves. The new Surface Pro will reportedly have the same 12.3” screen as the Surface Pro 7 with an unchanged form factor, but the lower-end models will start at 8 GB of RAM, and there will be three LTE models.

When Will Surface Pro 8 Be Released?

Some reports say that we'll see the new Surface Pro in the first half of this year, others are pushing a release back to June or sometime in the fall, as late as November.

Translation: we don't know yet.

Lifewire’s Release Date Estimate

Our best guess at the moment is sometime in the second half of the year, possibly at the next Surface event. This is what the most recent rumors are revealing. The Surface Pro 7+ just shipped out in January 2021, which calls into question the release of the Pro 8 shortly after.

Surface Pro 8 Price Rumors

Leaker Roland Quandt says prices will range from $900–$2,800 depending on the processor, memory, and storage you choose. For comparison, the older Surface Pro costs anywhere from $750–$2,300.

Keep in mind that these prices don't include the Surface Type Cover.

Pre-Order Information

When the previous version was announced, it took a few weeks before it was available in retail stores, so we expect the same timeline for this new Surface Pro. Since we don't yet have a solid release date, estimating when pre-orders will start isn't possible yet.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for any new details and post them here.

Surface Pro 8 Features

The real changes to this new Surface Pro appear to be with a few hardware bumps, as you can see below. There aren’t details yet on any new potential features that set it apart from the Pro 7, but bookmark this page to be the first to hear about them!

That said, there are rumors that future versions of the Type Cover will have a dedicated speaker, improving overall audio. Also, taken from a US patent that Microsoft filed, we know there might be a Type Cover in the works that could be powered with solar panels to juice up the Surface Pro even while in use. One or both of these could be available with the Pro 8.

US patent US10528083B1 type cover illustration with solar panels
Type Cover Illustration in US Patent US10528083B1.

Surface Pro 4 and newer run Windows 10. The Surface Pro 8 could ship with Windows 11.

Surface Pro 8 Specs and Hardware

The new Surface Pro will most likely include the 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake processors with Xe graphics. A rumor about the Surface Pro 8 indicates several configuration options (at least for European customers), including Wi-Fi 6 and LTE versions. Unfortunately, according to this source, there won’t be a Surface Pro with 5G.

As you can see, unlike the Surface Pro 7, this version appears not to have a 4G RAM option, but there is a 32 GB version (twice as much as the Pro 7's max configuration) if you opt for the higher-end Wi-Fi model.

Surface 8 Pro Rumored Models
Wi-Fi  i3  8 GB  128 GB
 i5  8 GB  128 GB
 i5  8 GB  256 GB
 i5  16 GB  256 GB
 i7  16 GB  256 GB
 i7  16 GB  512 GB
 i7  16 GB  1 TB
 i7  32 GB  1 TB
LTE i5  8 GB  128 GB
i5   8 GB  256 GB
i5   16 GB  256 GB
Educational  i5  8 GB  128 GB

It's unclear whether these same variants will be available for US customers but chances are at least a few will be.

The form factor will apparently go unchanged from the previous version of the Surface Pro. You can check out some supposed leaked photos of the Surface Pro 8 over on Reddit.

The Latest News About Surface Pro 8

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