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SurfTheChannel was one of the largest video search engines on the Web, providing links to thousands of free television shows and movies from all over the Web. As of October 2012, it stopped providing in service. This article is being retained for archive purposes. If you're looking for other sites that provide similar services, you'll want to check out What Is YouTube, or Video Websites: The Top Ten Online. 

How Does It Work?

SurfTheChannel offers you the standard search engine format: simply type in what you're looking for into the search box, and you'll get a list of search results back. There are multiple ways you can actually search for content here: by a simple search, by checking out the most popular TV links featured front and center on the home page, or by seeing what's listed on the Channels. You can also see what's new by subscribing to the Channels' RSS feeds in your feed reader; this gives you a first look at what's been added to the site.

How Can I Filter My Results?

You will really like how SurfTheChannel filters their search results. For example, a simple search for "Singin' in the Rain" will not only grab you the expected classic movie, but also results from Arts, Animation, and Sports. As you can see from this simple example, SurfTheChannel does a lot of the filtering for you. There are a few more ways you can expand or narrow your SurfTheChannel results:

  • By channel
  • By video provider
  • By checking out the Most Popular Links box on the front page

Any of these routes will get you to some pretty interesting content; in addition, it does have a fairly accurate site search.


SurfTheChannel has groups you can join to talk about your favorite TV shows or movies; simply become a registered user (it's free) and you can start contributing to the conversation right away.

Why Should I Use SurfTheChannel?

This site offers the searcher a well-designed and easy to use multimedia search engine. You'll be able to find content here that you won't be able to find easily using another media search engine.


SurfTheChannel was a video search engine/portal that linked to multimedia content found all over the Web at a variety of sources. As of October 2012, it is no longer in service.

You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies in full-screen mode here, and choose your favorites from a plethora of interesting channels: documentaries, sport videos, anime, music, TV shows, and movies.

Content here can be found by browsing the most popular videos linked on the front page by order of views, or checking out the Community to see what the most active community members have been submitting lately.

Each piece of multimedia content comes with not only the film/video itself, but also community comments, a brief episode summary, and more links to find the same content in case the first link doesn't work.

The channels offer RSS feeds for readers who want to stay updated on the most frequently added content; just subscribe to the feed and the latest video and film additions will show up in your feed reader.

All videos are added and curated by staff; however, users can submit videos to the site within a set of guidelines.