Information on 'Super Mario Bros' Clone for the PC

Super Mario gamplay

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"Super Mario XP" is a fan-made clone of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System Super Mario Bros. that was released as freeware around 2003 and has been one of the more popular Super Mario Bros clones for the PC since then. The game's graphics are close to the original Nintendo version and the gameplay is virtually identical to the classic platformer.

Player controls use the arrow keys for directional movement and shift, control and "z" key for jump, fire and other combo moves available to Mario. If the look of Super Mario XP is different from what you may remember of Super Mario Bros but at the same time familiar, that is because the game is set in the world of Castlevania, another of the classic NES platformers from the late 1980s. This remake is one of the better Super Mario remakes or clones to hit the PC and offers a good amount of gameplay over various levels for a free game.

In Super Mario XP, players take on the role of Mario as they jump, fire and run their way through Castlevania on their way to try and defeat Count Dracula. In addition to the game's setting, other elements that have been borrowed from Castlevania are the hearts used for ammunition of special weapons and abilities. That doesn't mean the game won't have traditional Super Mario Bros. gameplay elements as it includes traditional Mario Bros gameplay of jumping on enemies, jumping and hitting turtle shells, question mark boxes with power-ups, mushrooms, pipes and more.

Weapons at Mario's disposal are a hammer, cross boomerang from Castlevania in addition to others and the traditional fireballs from Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario XP is a fan-made clone released by an unknown developer. Based on information available from various Mario fan websites and free game sites it is not actively being developed or updated. The legality of the game is also questionable since it's more likely the case that the developer(s) did not receive permission from Nintendo to recreate or use Super Mario Bros. or Castlevania characters and elements from the original games.

With that being said, the Super Mario XP is still freely available for a number of hosting sites listed below. The game comes in a just around 6MB in size.

Super Mario XP Free Download Links & Hosting Sites

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