Super Mario Epic 2 Dream Machine

Super Mario Epic 2 Dream Machine screenshot

Super Mario Epic 2 Dream Machine is a fan-created Super Mario Bros. game developed by Jeff Silvers using a game engine he developed and released in 2004. The game quickly spread to a number of freeware hosting sites and was well received by fans and critics alike, taking home a number of awards from Mario fan-based sites in 2005.

In this game, players will control Mario as he tries once again to defeat an evil that has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom. After the defeat of Bowser, a new evil frog named Wart has invented a sinister device called the Dream Machine that transmits nightmares to any sleeping being in the Mushroom Kingdom. The demands of Lord Wart are simple: turn over Princess Toadstool and all will be released and allowed to enjoy a peaceful sleep. It is up to Mario to run, jump, bounce, and fire his way to defeating Wart and once again free the Mushroom Kingdom.

Features & Game Play

The tried and true gameplay that can be found in official Mario Bros. games is alive and well in Super Mario Epic 2 Dream Machine. In addition, the game includes some of the best features from early Super Mario Bros games such as Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario World, and more.

Super Mario Epic 2 Dream Machine is a sequel to Super Mario Epic and includes a number of enhanced features over the first game. A few of the gameplay features include the ability for Mario to take on two different forms — that of Fiery Mario and Hammer Bros. Mario. Stomp-able enemies is also a feature not found in the original but are available in SME2, as well as the addition of a power-up reserve box that allows you to save one extra power-up.

The game also includes a save function that enables players up to three save files, which will save level progress as well as Advance coins so they don't have to start fresh with each startup of the game. Classic Super Mario Bros. power-ups are also plentiful and include power flower, the hammer, mushroom power-up, and health power-ups to name a few.


Super Mario Epic 2 Dream Machine is an unauthorized fan-made PC game that borrows heavily from the Nintendo-owned Super Mario series of games by using the likeness of Mario, Mushroom Kingdom, and many other characters as well as gameplay elements. That being said, the game is available for free download from a number of third-party hosting sites. It does require installation in order to play and is only available for Microsoft Windows-based PCs and runs in a windowed environment on a fairly low resolution.