How to Suggest a Feature or Improvement for Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is almost all you want it to be? Almost?

Any improvement to Yahoo! Mail—be it small or fancy—can make many an email user's many a day. If you have a concrete idea for a new feature or improvement, share it with the makers of Yahoo! Mail!

Suggest a Feature or Improvement for Yahoo! Mail Publicly

To let Yahoo! know about an idea you have to improve Yahoo! Mail:

  • Visit the Yahoo! Mail Suggestions and Ideas forum.
  • Type a brief summary for your suggestion over Enter your idea below Tell us how we can improve your Yahoo! Mail experience.
  • If you see your idea for improvement (or one very similar and practically equivalent) already listed:
    • Click Vote next to it.
  • If you find no previous discussion:
    • Click Post a new idea.
    • Choose a topic under Category (optional).
    • Describe your idea in more detail under Describe your idea.
    • Enter your Yahoo! Mail email address over Your email address.
    • Click Post idea.

Suggest a Feature or Improvement for Yahoo! Mail

You can also get in touch with the Yahoo! Mail team in more private a manner:

  • Visit the Yahoo! Mail feedback page.
  • Enter your suggestion in the feedback form.
    • Note that any ideas and propositions can be used by Yahoo! without further permission, if you submit them.
  • Click ​Send Feedback.

For bugs and problems, Yahoo! Mail offers a way to contact support.