How to Suggest a Feature or Improvement for Yahoo! Mail

Suggestion Box
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Yahoo! Mail is almost all you want it to be? Almost?

Any improvement to Yahoo! Mail—be it small or fancy—can make many an email user's many a day. If you have a concrete idea for a new feature or improvement, share it with the makers of Yahoo! Mail!

Suggest a Feature or Improvement for Yahoo! Mail Publicly

To let Yahoo! know about an idea you have to improve Yahoo! Mail:

  • Visit the Yahoo! Mail Suggestions and Ideas forum.
  • Type a brief summary for your suggestion over Enter your idea below Tell us how we can improve your Yahoo! Mail experience.
  • If you see your idea for improvement (or one very similar and practically equivalent) already listed:
    • Click Vote next to it.
  • If you find no previous discussion:
    • Click Post a new idea.
    • Choose a topic under Category (optional).
    • Describe your idea in more detail under Describe your idea.
    • Enter your Yahoo! Mail email address over Your email address.
    • Click Post idea.

Suggest a Feature or Improvement for Yahoo! Mail

You can also get in touch with the Yahoo! Mail team in more private a manner:

  • Visit the Yahoo! Mail feedback page.
  • Enter your suggestion in the feedback form.
    • Note that any ideas and propositions can be used by Yahoo! without further permission, if you submit them.
  • Click ​Send Feedback.

For bugs and problems, Yahoo! Mail offers a way to contact support.