How to Suggest a Feature for Outlook Mail (

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You can suggest ways to improve Outlook Mail on the web to the Microsoft team working on it.

Better and Ever Better

Do you like and use Outlook Mail on the Web or, but would like and use it even more and better without a pestering bug or with a missing feature?

Whether it is something cumbersome in the interface, a way to connect to another service or a feature you find convenient in another email service: you can help make better—not only for yourself but for all others as well. It might be as easy as pressing a button, or as hard as describing what annoys you or what would make you happy.

In any event, suggesting a new or missing feature or your pet peeve to the team should beat quiet and unwritten frustration.

Suggest a Feature for Outlook Mail on the Web (

To submit feedback to the team and suggest a new feature or improvement for the free email service:

  1. Open the Outlook on the web (Office 365) Suggestion Box.
  2. Make sure you are logged in to Uservoice:
    1. Click sign in in the top navigation bar if it is available.
    2. Now click the Uservoice, Google or Facebook icons to sign in with one of those accounts.
      • If you want to create a new Uservoice account, type your email address over Your email address and your name over Your name, then click Sign up.
  3. Start typing your suggestion over Enter your idea.
  4. If you find your idea has already been suggested:
    • To add your weight to the list of users asking for the feature:
      1. Click Vote.
      2. Depending on how important the issue is to you, choose 1 vote, 2 votes or 3 votes.
    • To add a comment:
      1. Click the suggestion’s title to open it on its own page.
      2. Enter your thoughts in the Add a comment… field.
      3. Click Post comment.
  5. If you do not find an existing idea similar enough to what you want to suggest:
    1. Click Post a new idea….
    2. If possible, pick a section to classify your suggestion under Category (optional).
    3. Add further details how your suggestion would work and how it would help users in the Describe your idea… (optional) field.
    4. Assign up to three votes to your suggestion.
    5. Maybe edit the search terms you used to form a better short description of your suggestion for
    6. Click Post Idea.

    (Updated July 2016)