PSB Unveils The Powerful SubSeries 450 Subwoofer

PSB SubSeries 450 Powered Subwoofer
PSB SubSeries 450 Powered Subwoofer. Images provided by PSB Speakers

Introducing the PSB SubSeries 450

Subwoofers are definitely a necessary part of the home theater experience, and there are a lot of brands and models to choose from. One of the newest to be announced is the SubSeries 450 by PSB.

The Driver

Starting with the basics, PSB SubSeries 450 is a powered subwoofer that comes equipped with a 12-inch driver that is constructed with a 50oz magnet, 2-inch voice coil, and 1-inch rubber ring that provides the flexibility to move not only the main driver, but push lot of air to move two 10-inch passive radiators, resulting in solid, room filling, bass.

The driver and passive radiators are housed in a compact 16-inch (Acoustic Suspension) sealed cube enclosure, which weighs 45 pounds.

Power and Bass Frequency Response

The SubSeries 450 is also further supported by a Hypex-licensed Class D, NAD-Designed, 400-watt RMS/1,000 watt peak output amplifier.

The SubSeries 450, using the combination of the 12-inch driver and passive radiators is designed to produce flat, low-end frequencies down to 20Hz (room placement is also a factor, however). The total frequency response of the SubSeries 450 is 20Hz to 150Hz.


As far as connectivity goes, the SubSeries 450 provides both LFE and L/R audio line inputs for connection to an LFE or subwoofer preamp output from a home theater receiver. Also, the subwoofer also has LFE and line outputs, which allows users to uses more than one SubSeries 450 (or another brand/model subwoofer) were using two subwoofers may be needed or desired.

Another connection option that is provided is a set of Hi-Level input speaker terminals, which can be used with receivers that may not have an LFE or Line output.

Other connections provided include a USB port for charging compatible USB devices, and a 12-Volt trigger, which allows remote wired on/off control when integrated with compatible home theater receivers.


Onboard control options include Power On/Off, Bass Level (volume, gain), Crossover (Adjustable from 50Hz to 150Hz), and Phase (1 to 180 degrees continuous - matches the in/out motion of the subwoofer speaker cone with the in/out motion of the rest of the speakers in a home theater setup).

More Info

With the combination of its 12-inch driver, 10-inch passive radiators, powerful amplifier, and relative compact cabinet size, the SubSeries 450 might be a great option for large rooms (or if you really want to get back at your neighbors!)

The suggested price for the PSB SubSeries 450 is $1,499.99 and is expected to arrive at authorized dealers and online partners in March 2016 - Official Product Page Coming Soon.

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