What Is StumbleVideo?

What is StumbleVideo?

StumbleVideo is a new way to watch video on the Web. StumbleVideo is a service of StumbleUpon, a way to find and share new websites with the greater Web community by rating them - and rating sites means that end up seeing things that you will like (and other like-minded folks will too). Just like StumbleUpon, StumbleVideo allows you to find and share good videos; and since all these videos are given quality ratings, you're almost guaranteed to filter out the junk.

How does it work?

It couldn't be easier. Just navigate to StumbleVideo, click on the big Stumble button, and start watching a video - no registration required. If you like what you see, click the thumbs up button; if you don't, click thumbs down. Eventually, StumbleVideo starts "learning" your preferences the more you rate videos, and will only send you content that matches your unique likes and or dislikes.

How Many Videos Does This Service Currently Offer?

StumbleVideo currently has over 100 thousand videos in circulation, and that number is sure to climb as more people realize how easy and convenient it is to use this service.

How Can I See What Stumblevideo Has to Offer Me?

You have three choices: you can just click away on the Stumble button (who can resist a shiny button!), you can search in the Channels mode, or you can click the little triangle icon at the bottom of the page and view your fellow StumbleVideo users. Now, I mentioned earlier you don't need to register in order to view StumbleVideo, but if you would like to contribute to the StumbleVideo community, this is something you'll want to do. Channels include anything from Books to Sports; you'll find it's pretty addicting once you get in there and start viewing all the great content that StumbleVideo has to offer.

Why Should I Use StumbleVideo?

One of the best things about StumbleVideo is that you can watch videos, quality videos, one after the other all in one place. You don't have to chase the good stuff down - you can just click on that Stumble button and sit back and view some of the best video content on the Web.

You also have a lot of options for actually finding good, quality content - you can browse the Categories, you can see what other StumbleVideo users are watching, and eventually, StumbleVideo does plan on adding the capacity to search via keyword. However, the biggest draw of StumbleVideo is that the searching is already done for you.

A New Way to Watch Video on the Web:

If you've ever been to Web video sites such as YouTube, you'll quickly find that while there are a ton of great videos, there's also a lot of...well, a lot of junk. StumbleVideo takes care of this problem by only giving you the cream of the crop - and letting you have a say in what that exactly means. I highly recommend using StumbleVideo as one of your online Web video destinations.