How to Add Strikethrough Text in OS X Mail

Person writing on paper

Who has not changed their mind and thought better—or differently, at least? Who has not fancied writing something—and then taking it back immediately?

For both these purposes, strike-through formatting—a line through words, paragraphs or even but individual letters and characters—can be useful. In OS X Mail, applying such a strikeout line is easy to cross out text; you have but to know where to look for the option.

Add Strikethrough Text in OS X Mail

To strike out a word, letter or more in OS X Mail:

  1. Make sure the message you are composing is using rich-text formatting.
    1. Select Format > Make Rich Text from the menu if it is not.
  2. Highlight the characters, words or longer sections of text you want to strike through.
  3. Select Format > Show Fonts from the menu.
    1. You can also press Command+T.
  4. Select the strikethrough button in the Fonts window's toolbar.
  5. Select Single from the drop-down menu.
  6. The other choices in the menu for strikethrough style:
    1. None: remove any strikethrough line.
    2. Double: two lines (may not be available for all fonts).
    3. Color: select a color for the line; in OS X Mail, the line is restricted to match the text's color, though.
  7. Close the Fonts window.