Streaming Music in Mumble: a Step-by-Step Guide

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Step 1: Download and Install Winamp Music Player

ACTION: Download Winamp Media Player 5.62. Once downloaded, perform the simple Winamp installation, using the default settings that pop up. The installation for Winamp should be identical for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Winamp is a deprecated technology. That means is that it works well, but the programmers have chosen to no longer continue building new versions of the product.

While there are many music players, Winamp is the easiest and most reliable for single-boxing a Ventrilo music player. You can get a free Winamp Standard version at the Winamp site. There is a pro version available for $20 USD. Both the free and pro versions will play Ventrilo music without any limitations.

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Step 2: Download and Install Virtual Audio Cable Software


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Step 3: Manually Disable Windows Driver Signing


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Step 4: Command Windows to Allow VAC to Run "Unsigned"


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Step 5: Set Winamp Preferences to Output "Line 1, Virtual Audio Cable"

In the steps ahead, we will use "Line 1" from Winamp to be the input into your new Mumble user name.

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Step 6: Create a Windows Desktop Shortcut to Launch Mumble Twice

to the Mumble shortcut, you command it to allow multiple copies to launch. You will then launch the first copy to be your own voice login. You launch Mumble a second time to use your Jukebox login for the music.

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Step 7: Launch 2 Copies of Mumble and Manually Configure One to Jukebox

  1. Double-click and launch the first instance Mumble, but do NOT join the server yet.
  2. Close the server browser and open the Audio Wizard tool.
  3. Under Input Device, choose Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable).
  4. Under Output Device, choose Default Sound Device or any option other than Line 1. This setting's sound will be muted later.
  5. Disable Attenuate Other Applications While Other Users Talk. This will keep the music at steady volume while people are talking.
  6. Right-click on the server, choose Edit, and change your login name to be 'Jukebox' or some other stylish name for your music machine.
  7. Navigate to Configure --> Settings and set transmit to be Continuous.
  8. Click Apply and OK.
  9. Now, launch a second copy of Mumble, which will remember your settings from the steps above.
  10. Login with both the first and second copy of Mumble.
  • On your music machine login: mute the login of your regular self, and also mute your music machine. You will listen to the music through Mumble, not directly from your own computer.
  • Try keeping the music volume low, and let people manually turn up the volume on their end.

The above steps do not save in Mumble when you close. Every time you launch Mumble, you need to repeat all of the instructions above. It is easiest to just leave your two ID's logged in when you are away from keyboard. Perhaps have the server admin create an 'AFK' channel for you to park your logins for convenience.

Make sure you enable the 'deafen self' command for the second copy of Mumble... this will prevent the music playing twice in your headphones.