How to Stream to Twitch on Xbox Series X|S

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This article describes how to stream to Twitch when playing games on an Xbox Series X or S.

What You Need to Stream to Twitch on Xbox Series X or S

Twitch is a massively popular streaming platform, and it’s the number one destination for video game streams. If you’ve been thinking about throwing your hat in the ring and streaming on Twitch, you can do it right from your Xbox Series X or S with no additional hardware. There are some limitations, like you can’t stream video unless you buy a compatible USB webcam, but it's pretty easy to set up.

If you want to get started streaming on Twitch with your Xbox, you’ll need this equipment:

  • An Xbox Series X or S: Twitch streaming is available on both consoles.
  • A television: This is probably obvious, but you’ll need a TV to play on. The type and resolution don’t matter since you’re the only one who will see it.
  • A controller: The specific controller doesn’t matter. You can upgrade if you’re looking to get an edge in competitive gaming or stick with the regular controller if you’re more laid back.
  • Broadband internet: You can use Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection, but using a wired connection is preferred. Twitch recommends between 3-6 Mbps upload speed at minimum. Higher rates allow for smoother streams and higher quality streams.
  • A headset: This is optional, but you’ll need a headset if you want to communicate with your viewers. Using a higher quality headset will result in better quality audio for your viewers.
  • A webcam: Microsoft did away with the Kinect, so that isn’t an option. You’ll need to get a USB webcam that supports YUY2 or NV12.

If you want finer control over your stream, you can alternately use a capture device to output video from your Xbox Series X or S to a PC and then stream to Twitch using software like OBS. The following instructions pertain to the easier method of streaming directly from your Xbox Series X or S.

How to Download the Twitch App

Before you can stream to Twitch from your Xbox Series X or S, you need to download and install the Twitch app. The app is free, and you can also make an account with Twitch for free. To download it, open up the store on your console.

Here’s how to get Twitch on your Xbox Series X or S:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.

    The Xbox Series X|S Guide.
  2. Select the Store icon at the bottom of the Guide.

    The store in the Xbox Series X|S guide.
  3. Select the Search icon.

    The search function in the Xbox Series X|S Store.
  4. Type Twitch.

    A search in the Xbox Series X|S store.
  5. Select the Twitch app from the results.

    Twitch in the Xbox Series X|S Store.
  6. Select Get or Install.

    Twitch in the Xbox Series X|S Store.

    If this is your first time downloading the Twitch app from Microsoft, you may get an additional screen where you need to select Got It.

  7. Wait for the app to install.

How to Stream on Twitch From Xbox Series X or S

Once you have the Twitch app installed, you’re just about ready to start streaming. All you have to do is connect your Twitch account to the app, and then you can begin a stream any time you want.

Here’s how to start streaming on Twitch from your Xbox Series X or S:

  1. Launch the Twitch app.

    Twitch on the Xbox Series X|S dashboard.

    If you don’t see the app on your desktop, check your library.

  2. Select Sign in.

    Twitch on the Xbox Series X|S.
  3. Using a web browser on your computer or phone, navigate to, make sure you’ve logged in, and enter the code you see in the Twitch app on your Xbox.

    Activate the Xbox Series X|S Twitch app on the Twitch website.
  4. Return to the Twitch app, and wait for it to activate.

  5. Select Broadcast.

    The Twitch app on Xbox Series X|S.
  6. Adjust the settings as needed, enter an appropriate name for the stream, and select Start Broadcasting.

    Twitch broadcast options on the Xbox Series X|S.

    Ensure that your microphone isn’t muted in the settings and that your webcam is available and positioned where you want it if you’re using a mic and webcam.

  7. If your stream starts successfully, you will see a bar in your screen's bottom right corner with some information about the stream.

    Streaming on Twitch from Xbox Series X|S.

Make Sure Your Stream Works

When you stream on Twitch using a computer, you can access a robust panel that provides information about stream health, bit rate, and other information. On the Xbox Series X and S, all you get is a little bar that shows how many viewers you have and some additional very basic information.

If you want to make sure that your stream looks suitable for your viewers, have a friend check it out when you first start streaming. If the video is choppy or lags, try lowering the broadcast quality setting. If there are issues with your webcam or microphone, you can try repositioning them or consider investing in higher quality equipment.

Try using the mobile Twitch app on your phone to control your stream and read chat while you're streaming from your Xbox Series X or S. It makes things a whole lot easier to manage.

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