How to Stream Mixer Live on Facebook

Live stream your games to Facebook friends and groups

For some gamers, Mixer has everything you need to stream and build an audience. However, if the people you want to reach are hanging out on Facebook, you do have another option. That's right, Mixer lets you stream right to Facebook Live, once you've gotten everything properly squared away.

You can stream to Facebook Live with either a Windows 10 PC or with Xbox One. For both of them, the method ends up being the same since Xbox One lets you stream directly to your PC.

How to Stream Mixer to Facebook Live

Streaming to Facebook Live is a lot like streaming to Twitch. You'll need a passing understanding of how OBS Studio works since it's what will be sending your gameplay to Facebook for your live stream. If you need a refresher you can check out our OBS Twitch guide before setting up your stream. If you have different streaming software you prefer to use, like XSplit, that is also an option.

Whether you are streaming from PC or XBox One you'll need to direct your broadcast through streaming software to send it to Facebook Live.

After that, you just need to set up your Facebook Live settings.

  1. Head on over to

    The setup screen for Facebook livestreams is displayed.
  2. Click Create Live Stream.

    You need to set up your stream through Facebook's page in order to get the info you need to stream to Facebook Live.

  3. Choose where you want to post your stream. It can be sent to your personal feed, a group, an event, or a page that you manage.

    Options for posting a livestream are displayed.

    Remember that if you choose to stream to your Timeline you'll want to double check your sharing settings to make sure everyone you want to see it has access!

  4. Enter a status or update about your broadcast. This is also where you can set permissions for who can see you if you are posting to your feed.

    The facebook post option is displayed.

    By adding a status to your live stream, you can get people interested in what you are playing. This is like a subtitle to your stream.

  5. Enter the name of the game you are playing, and Title your stream using the text fields provided.

    Dialog boxes allowing you to name your stream are displayed.

    Having a snappy title will grab the attention of folks on Facebook, and make it more likely that they'll tune in!

  6. Copy the Stream Key into your streaming app of choice. For some services, you may also need to copy the Server URL.

    The stream key and server url are displayed.

    For most streaming services all you will need is the streaming key in order to get your stream set up properly.

  7. Click Start Streaming in your streaming app.

    The option to start streaming is displayed.

    This menu is found at the bottom right of the OBS software.

  8. Click Go Live on Facebook to start your Live Stream!