Streaming Mixer With Windows 10: Getting Started

Broadcast your gaming prowess with others right from your PC

The Mixer website is open with a variety of streams displayed.

Microsoft brings streaming to your PC with Mixer, their app for game streaming. Whether you want to show off the newest popular game, or build a following, you can do it right from your desk without having to use any extra equipment to broadcast.

How to Stream Mixer With Windows 10

Unlike its big competitor, Twitch, Mixer is built right into Windows 10. This means that there are no programs to download or extra hoops to jump through before you start broadcasting. In fact, all you have to do to get started is to press a few keys, and you'll be ready to show the world your gaming skills.

Game Bar and Mixer

Mixer is literally built into the Game Bar for Win10, so it's the easiest streaming program to use when gaming on PC.

  1. Launch the game you want to broadcast.

  2. Press the Windows key + G to open the game bar.

    The Windows 10 Gamebar is displayed in grey over the Mixer website.
  3. Press the Broadcast icon to open your options. (It looks like a satellite dish)

  4. Choose your options. These include whether you are streaming just the game window, where your webcam will display on the stream and the title of your broadcast.

    The Mixer broadcast options page is open with ways you can personalize your broadcast.
  5. Press Start broadcast to begin streaming your gameplay.

Fine Tune Your Mixer Broadcast

Unlike streaming from an Xbox One directly to Mixer, when you stream from your PC you have plenty of options for making your broadcast the best that it can be. While the Mixer app gives you some options, you'll probably also need to tweak things in your PC settings. These include options for adjusting your sound and video quality, and whether your mouse is displayed when you are streaming a game.

If you find your audio is echoing, these settings are where you can fix it, along with turning off video or specific audio.

  1. Right-click the Start menu.

  2. Select Settings. (It will look like a gear)

  3. Select Gaming.

    The Windows Settings menu is displayed.
  4. Select Broadcasting.

    The gaming tab of the Settings menu is open.
  5. Scroll through the options to find the one you want to adjust.

    The Broadcasting settings are open.
  6. Select checkboxes, toggles, or drop-down menus to make changes to your broadcast settings.

Things to Remember About Streaming With Mixer

Mixer goes out of their way to make broadcasting your stream an easy affair that is free from hassles. This means that you don't need any extra equipment in order to broadcast. However, having a good camera and microphone does mean that you'll have better luck attracting visitors to your stream. This is because you'll probably want to interact with followers as you play.

Having these things isn't mandatory though, and that's worth remembering when you are first getting started. The most important thing is having a game that you want to share with the world since even with a webcam your gameplay is going to take up most of the screen.