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Watch Documentary Has Free, Legal Documentaries for Streaming

The Watch Documentary website is no longer operational. Click through the links below for some other ways you can stream free movies and TV shows online.

Watch Documentary is a website that lets you stream over 9,000 free movies online. Over 30 categories of free online documentaries are hosted at and linked from Watch Documentary.

It’s simple to stay up to date with Watch Documentary’s movies, and you can even view most of the videos from a mobile device.

Watch Documentary’s Free Streaming Movies

All of Watch Documentary’s videos are organized into just over 30 categories, such as Comedy, Health, Politics, History, Conspiracy, Adventure, Nature, Technology, Travel, Science, Mystery, Human Rights, Religious, Money & Business, Sexuality, Crime, Psychology, and Drugs.

There's a variety of other ways you can browse through these movies, such as by tag like myth, religion, society, death, america, witness, and many others, as well as by searching for the title of the documentary.

The Top Documentaries page shows the top 50 videos in all categories over just the last two weeks or over all time, but you can filter that list for the popular documentaries in any specific category. You can see the documentary titles as well as the number of views each video has received.'s logo.

One massive Documentary List shows every single documentary that you can stream at Watch Documentary, and they're all separated alphabetically in their own genres. This makes it easy to skim through all of them at once.

You can also get a quick view of every documentary or the just the most popular ones, off to the side of the Watch Documentary homepage.

Recently Added Documentaries is another way to find free movies at Watch Documentary. The title, producer, and date added are shown along with a thumbnail of the video. You can filter that list to find the videos that were added today, yesterday, or this month.

Of the hundreds of series available at Watch Documentary, some of the more popular ones include Extraordinary People, A History of Britain, Backlight, Ancient Aliens, 100 Greatest Discoveries, Blue Planet, Border Wars, Cosmic Journeys, and Ancient Discoveries.

Signing up for email alerts will enable new documentaries to be sent to you on a daily or weekly basis. You can also subscribe to Watch Documentary’s RSS feed to stay up to date.

Watch Documentary’s Video Quality

Quality will vary among Watch Documentary’s videos because they’re uploaded by many different people. I sampled a few of the more popular movies and they seemed to be a little less than DVD quality, but still completely watchable.

Watch Documentary’s Free App

A free mobile app is available for Android devices that let you watch movies at Watch Documentary on the go. This Watch Documentary app is just one of several free movie apps that lets you watch movies from a mobile device.

Other mobile devices that support Flash and/or HTML5 can view the movies without the app through the Watch Documentary website.

Where Watch Documentary Gets Its Movies

Most of the movies are hosted on other websites, and anyone can send Watch Documentary a link to their video to have it added. Watch Documentary assumes either that the videos are owned by the ones who uploaded it or that they are in the public domain.

System Requirements for Using Watch Documentary

Watch Documentary requires that you’re using a device that supports Adobe Flash or, for videos hosted on YouTube, HTML5.