How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

It's all about getting Discord to treat Prime Video like a game

What to Know

  • Add Prime Video to Discord: Gear icon > Registered Games > Add it > Prime Video, then click Add Game
  • Stream Prime Video: Monitor icon with Prime Video running, select voice channel, resolution, + frame rate > Go Live.  
  • You can also stream from the Prime Video web player through a web browser if you add the browser to Discord.

This article explains how to stream Amazon Prime Video on Discord.

How to Stream Prime Video on Discord

Discord's game streaming feature lets you share your gameplay with friends in a voice channel, but you can also use it to stream video from services like Amazon Prime Video. If you’ve been looking for a way to share a movie night with your friends, but you can’t get together in person, this is an easy way to get it done.

Discord is set up to recognize games, so you won’t see the Prime Video app as a streaming option by default. You need to add it manually, which will give you the option to go live with whatever video you’re watching just as if you were playing a game. Your friends can then join you in the voice channel and watch right along with you.

These instructions show how to stream the Prime Video app. You can also stream Prime Video in Discord via the web player. Just open Prime Video in a web browser like Chrome or Firefox, then select your web browser in step 5 instead of the Prime Video app.

Here’s how to stream Prime Video in Discord:

  1. Open Discord, and click the gear icon.

    The gear icon highlighted in the lower left part of Discord.
  2. Click Registered Games.

    Registered Games highlighted in Discord app settings.
  3. Click Add it!

    Add it! highlighted in Discord Registered Games.
  4. Click Select.

    The Select drop-down box highlighted in Discord Registered Games.
  5. Click Prime Video.

    Prime Video highlighted in the Discord Registered Games select drop-down.
  6. Click Add Game.

    Add Game highlighted in Discord Registered Games.
  7. Click the X in the upper right corner of the window.

    x ESC highlighted in Discord Registered Games.
  8. Click the monitor icon next to Prime Video for Windows below the channel listing.

    The monitor icon next to Prime Video for Windows highlighted in Discord.
  9. Select a voice channel, resolution, and frame rate, then select Go Live.

    Go Live in Discord streaming.
  10. You are now streaming Prime Video in a Discord voice channel. Invite your friends to join you, and they can watch with you.

    Streaming Prime Video in Discord.

What if Amazon Prime Has a Black Screen on Discord?

While the process of streaming Amazon Prime over Discord isn’t complicated, it doesn’t always work perfectly. One common issue is that you or your friends will only see a black screen instead of the video. When that happens, try closing Discord and reopening it. Discord may have an update it needs to install. If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer.

You can also try switching your source. If you’re using the Amazon Prime app, try using a web browser instead. If you’re already streaming from a web browser, turn off hardware acceleration to start. If that doesn’t work, switch to a different browser. Some web browsers work better than others when streaming video on Discord, and an update will sometimes temporarily break the functionality altogether. When that happens, switching to a different browser will usually fix the problem.

  • How do I stream Netflix on Discord?

    To screen share Netflix on Discord, open Netflix in a web browser. In Discord, select Settings > Activity Status > Add It > Google Chrome, then choose the browser tab running Netflix and select Add Game. Exit Settings, click the screen icon, then select the browser tab you want to stream and select Go Live.

  • How do I stream my Nintendo Switch on Discord?

    Connect your Nintendo Switch to your computer, display the game in a video player, then share it on Discord. You can do the same with a PlayStation. Xbox consoles have an app that lets you stream Xbox games on Discord.

  • Can you stream in a Discord DM?

    Yes. Select the Call icon > Screen Share icon > Application Window. Select the game or application window to stream, then select Share.

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