How to Stream Amazon Music on Multiple Devices

Learn about device limits and more

What to Know

  • Download your favorite Amazon Music tracks onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Turn off your device’s internet and cellular connectivity and listen to your downloaded songs.
  • Start streaming Amazon Music on another device.

Working out how to listen to Amazon Music on more than one device can be confusing. This guide will break down how each Amazon Music Unlimited plan works, their limitations on streaming, and how best to use Amazon Music on multiple devices even when your plan says you can use only one.

How Do I Stream Amazon Music on Two Devices?

The type of Amazon Music subscription plan you have will define the number of devices you can stream music on and the amount of simultaneously listening allowed.

Here’s a breakdown of each Amazon Music plan and its limits.

  • Amazon Music Single-Device Plan. The Single-Device Plan limits you to your one primary device and doesn’t allow for listening on other devices at all, even if you use the same account. To listen to Amazon Music on more devices, you’ll need to upgrade to another plan.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan. The Unlimited Individual Plan lets you access Amazon Music on as many devices as you want but limits you to using one at a time. To use more than one device at once, you will need to upgrade to the Unlimited Family Plan.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan. The Unlimited Family Plan allows Amazon Music access and simultaneous listening on six devices.
  • Amazon Music Prime. Amazon Prime users can access a small selection of Amazon Music on numerous devices but are limited to one active session at a time.

You will need the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan to listen on multiple devices simultaneously. The Unlimited Individual and Amazon Music Prime plans support multiple devices, though they are limited to one active stream at a time.

How Do I Listen to Amazon Music on Two Devices Without Paying More?

While the limits on the various Amazon Music plans can be frustrating, there is a way to get around some of these restrictions. 

Amazon Music app on iPhone showing steps for how to download songs.

All you need to do is download your favorite songs in the Amazon Music app and then turn off your device’s internet so that Amazon can’t tell that you’re using the app to listen.

Airplane Mode being turned on on an iPhone while the Amazon Music app is playing downloading songs.

You can do this by disabling your device’s Wi-Fi or turning on its Airplane Mode if it has one.

If you’re using the Amazon Music app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you will need to turn off the cellular connection in addition to Wi-Fi. Both are disabled when Airplane Mode is on.

Once you've done that, you can listen to the downloaded Amazon Music tracks on the offline device, and someone else can stream the Amazon Music library using your account somewhere else.

You can access your downloaded songs in the Amazon Music app by selecting Library > Recently Downloaded.

How Many Devices Can Use One Amazon Music Account?

Amazon Music’s Unlimited Individual Plan and Unlimited Family Plan let you log into multiple devices with your Amazon account. Amazon Prime users can also use their accounts to access Amazon Music Prime on all of their devices.

The Amazon Music Single-Device Plan, as its name states, allows you only to use the service on one device.

Can I Stream on Multiple Devices With Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime subscribers can access the Amazon Music Prime music streaming service on all of their devices, but there is a limit to one device at a time.

There are several significant differences between Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited that are worth considering before signing up or switching from one to another. The biggest is that Amazon Music Prime has around 2 million songs while Amazon Music Unlimited unlocks over 50 million.

Can You Stream Music on Multiple Devices?

As mentioned above, Amazon’s various Music plans limit how you can stream their audio library on your primary devices.

However, don’t forget that you can also cast audio from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to a speaker. You may also be able to connect your device to multiple Bluetooth speakers, which can increase your Amazon Music listening options quite a bit.

  • How can I play Amazon Music on multiple devices at the same time?

    To play music on all Alexa devices simultaneously, you can combine the devices and use Alexa for multi-room audio. In the Alexa app, go to Devices > + > Set Up Multi-Room Music and create a group. To control multi-room music, you can tell Alexa what you want to listen to and use the group name, such as "Alexa, play spa music on [group name]."

  • Can I have the same playlists on multiple devices with Amazon Music?

    If you want your playlists to sync across your devices when you create a playlist with Amazon Music, be sure to manage your playlists while Online Music is selected under Library. Unfortunately, changes made while Offline Music is selected do not carry over. Alternatively, you can say, "Alexa, add [song/album/artist] to [playlist name].," and the playlist will be available on all of your Alexa devices.

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