How to Store and Maintain Your Games and Cases

Keeping your games in mint condition raises their resell value

What to Know

  • While most games lose value over time, some games actually gain value over the years.
  • Storing games isn't hard: Find a good shelf with enough space to store your games.
  • Don't throw anything away, and make sure to clean your discs and game cases in time.

If you ever plan to sell your used video games on eBay or Amazon, you'll get more money for them if you can keep the discs and cases in pristine condition. Here's how to store video games to maintain their value.

Why Is Video Game Storage Important?

While the monetary value of most video games goes down over time, the opposite is true for certain titles. As more games are released on digital platforms like Steam and the PlayStation Network, physical media is becoming less common, which is making hard copies of video games more valuable among collectors. For example, Sonic Mania was originally a digital exclusive in 2017, but Sega released a physical version the following year just for collectors.

Whether you collect video games or just resell them, you'll want to hold on to the cases and manuals for your games. Mint condition copies of rare titles like Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Kirby's Return to Dreamland for Nintendo Wii are worth far more today than when they were originally released.

Proper Video Game Case Storage

The first step to keeping your game cases in good condition is to store them properly. Finding a good shelf isn’t too hard, so look at DVD/Blu-Ray storage shelves at Amazon to find one that suits you. You can put two or three together along the same wall if you need the extra storage. Don’t try to cram as many cases in as possible because you’ll scuff and damage them. Leave a little wiggle room on each shelf to save yourself some trouble.

Alternatively, you can keep your game discs in a CD holder notebook and then put the cases away in the closet or attic. This can be a good solution if space is limited, or if you're just worried about the cases getting damaged.

Never throw away the case or instructions for a game as they can greatly increase the resell value.

Cleaning Your Game Cases

If you buy a used game from GameStop, the case is likely to have at least one price sticker on it. If you can't easily peel off such stickers, use a product called Goo Gone to dissolve the adhesive.

If the cases for your games are damaged or missing, you can purchase an empty disc case and create your own box art using a program like Photoshop.

Cleaning Your Game Discs

To clean a game disc, start from the middle and wipe outwards with a soft cloth. Dampen the cloth with white vinegar to remove any oils or grime on the disc. When you are done using a disc, don't just set it down somewhere. Put it back into its case or your CD notebook to protect it from dirt and scratches.

If the disc is in bad shape, CD repair kits are not recommended. They’ll do the job and your disc will work, but they leave a series of scratches on the disc, which will devalue the game if you plan to sell it. Instead, take your discs to a shop with a professional disc resurfacing machine.

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