How to Stop Spotify From Opening on Startup on a Mac

End this annoyance with hidden settings

What to Know

  • In the Spotify app > Spotify > Preferences > Show Advanced Settings > Open Spotify automatically after you log into your computer > No.
  • To change at the system-level: Apple menu > System Preferences > Users & Groups > your user > Login Items > uncheck Spotify.

Spotify is a great way to enjoy music, but you may not want the program to open every time you restart your Mac desktop or laptop. If that's the case, this article offers instructions on two ways to stop Spotify from opening on startup on your Mac.

How Do I Stop Spotify From Opening on Startup on My Mac?

There are two ways to prevent Spotify from automatically opening whenever you startup or restart your Mac—one in Spotify, the other in the macOS's System Preferences. In both cases, you just need to change a small setting. With the setting changed, Spotify will not open automatically.

Change Spotify Preferences to Stop Opening at Startup

Probably the best and easiest way to stop Spotify from automatically opening: is to change a setting in Spotify itself. Here's what to do:

  1. Open the Spotify app.

  2. Click Spotify.

    Screenshot of Spotify with the Preferences menu selected
  3. Click Preferences.

  4. Click Show Advanced Settings.

    Screenshot of the Spotify preferences screen
  5. Scroll down to the Startup and Window Behavior section.

  6. Next to Open Spotify automatically after you log into your computer, click the menu and click No.

    Screenshot of the Spotify setting to disable automatic opening

Change Mac Startup Items to Stop Spotify Opening

If the instructions from the first section didn't work, or if you prefer to control your Startup Items at the user-account level in the macOS, try these steps:

These instructions were written using macOS Catalina (10.15), but the basic concepts apply to later versions, too.

  1. Click the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen.

    Screenshot of the Mac desktop with the System Preferences menu selected
  2. Click System Preferences.

  3. Click Users & Groups.

    Screenshot of the Mac System Preferences window
  4. Click your user account (it's probably the Admin account at the top of the list).

    Screenshot of the Mac Users & Groups window
  5. Click Login Items.

    Screenshot of the Mac Login Items preferences
  6. Uncheck the box next to Spotify.

Why Does Spotify Always Open When I Turn on My Mac? 

Spotify opens every time you turn on your Mac because it's trying to be helpful. For instance, if you always use the same programs when you start up your computer, isn't it easier to have them automatically open for you, rather than having to go through and launch them one at a time?

At the macOS level, the Startup Items settings let you choose all kinds of programs and features to launch every time you turn on your Mac. This just makes it easier to get your computer set up the way you want and to get right into doing whatever you need to do. If you don't like this behavior, change the behavior to suit your needs.

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