How to Find Someone's Gmail Address

And what to do if someone finds yours

What to Know

  • Ask for it.
  • Check existing email messages and social media, or do a Google search.
  • Try sending to common variations of email addresses.

This article explains a few ways to find the Gmail address of someone you'd like to contact.

How to Find Someone's Gmail Address

There are multiple ways to try and find someone's Gmail address.

Ask for It

Try the easiest route first. That means finding the person in real life, via text, or on social media, and asking for their Gmail address. You might also try asking a mutual friend or colleague.

Check Your Existing Gmail Messages

If the person whose address you want to find has contacted you via Gmail in the past, it's possible you still have messages from them in your Inbox or one of your labels. To search for them, enter their name in the search bar at the top of your Gmail screen. If you have messages from them, they will be displayed in a list. To reach them you can reply to one of the messages.

You can also try searching from your other email accounts.

Check Social Media and Other Online Assets

Does the person you're trying to reach have a blog, a website, or social media accounts? You can sometimes find email addresses in the About or Contact sections of these sources.

Do a Google Search

Using Google, type in the person's name followed by the word email such as "jane doe email." Results will likely include a number of services that offer to reveal email addresses and other contact information. You may find what you're looking for there, especially if you can specify the town where the person lives, their employer, or other identifying information.

Take Your Best Guess

Email addresses typically follow certain formats. While not foolproof, this method can often help you find the Gmail address of the person you're looking for. Try sending separate messages to each of the formats listed below.

Be polite in case your message reaches someone who isn't the person you're looking for. You might write, "Hi, sorry to bother you if this isn't the right person, but I'm looking for the Jane Doe I met the other night through Sue Blue. If it's you, please reply. If not, please ignore." (example: (example: (example: (example: (example: (example: (example: (example: (example: (example: (example: (example:

How to Block an Email Address on Gmail

Let's say someone has used one of the above methods to find your Gmail address and starts sending you unwanted messages. You can follow a few simple steps to block that Gmail address so you don't have to deal with that unwanted contact.

To unblock, go to your Inbox and, in the upper-right corner, select the Settings (gear) icon, and choose See all settings. Select Filters and Blocked Addresses. To remove an address from the block section, go to the very bottom of that page and select unblock.

What if I Don't Want Others to Find My Gmail Address?

If you read that last sentence and thought, "Does that mean anyone can find my Gmail address?" the answer is, unfortunately, yes. That goes for both legitimate reasons (such as someone who met you through a mutual friend and wants to ask you to grab a cup of coffee) and creepier ones (such as wanting to spam you).

The good news is that not many people are likely to go through the effort of using the methods described below, and the ones who do use them still might not find your Gmail address. Those who do find it are probably either (1) legitimate contacts or (2) spammers whose messages will be blocked by Gmail's spam filter.

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