How to Stop Blocked Numbers Leaving Voicemail on Android

Your carrier probably has an app for that

What to Know

  • Use a third-party app like Call Protect (AT&T), Smart Family (Verizon), Scam Shield (T-Mobile), or Call Control.
  • In the Google Voice app, block the number and turn on the spam filter. This only works for your Google Voice number.

This article explains how to stop blocked numbers from leaving a voicemail on Android. The instructions apply to all Android phones no matter who made your device (Google, Samsung, etc.).

How to Block Someone so They Can't Leave Voicemail

When you block a number on your Android phone, your phone won't ring when the person calls you, but the caller can still leave voicemails. The only way to prevent callers from leaving voicemails is to use an app that labels blocked numbers as spam. Your options depend on your phone carrier.

Block Voicemails Through Your Service Provider

Major cellphone carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon allow you to block numbers through their services.


If you're an AT&T customer, you can use the AT&T Call Protect app for free. The Call Protect service automatically blocks known spam numbers, and you can block specific numbers from leaving voicemails. For an extra fee, you can block telemarketers, political calls, and private callers.


Verizon users can temporarily block up to five numbers for free. The block must be reapplied after 90 days. To permanently block calls and voicemails from up to 20 numbers, sign up for the Verizon Smart Family plan.

Verizon Smart Family is a paid service that also lets you block numbers and put limits on data, calls, and texts during specific hours of the day. Download the Verizon Smart Family app to get started.


T-Mobile customers can take advantage of the Scam Shield app to block scam calls. While the app is free, you must pay for the premium version to block voicemails from specific numbers.

Block Voicemails With Call Control

There are other call blocker apps that can stop blocked numbers from leaving a voicemail on Android. Most such apps only block calls, but Call Control is a premium app that blocks voicemails too. In addition to your own block list, Call Control has a community list of spoof and spam numbers.

You can download Call Control from the Google Play Store for free, but you must pay an annual subscription fee to take full advantage of the service.

How to Send Voicemails From Blocked Numbers to Spam With Google Voice

If you have a Google Voice number, you can block numbers and send voicemails to the spam folder. It's possible to forward Google Voice calls to the number from your carrier, but this method is only helpful if you use Google Voice as your primary number since people can still leave voicemails if they call you directly.

  1. Download the Google Voice app from the Play Store and open it.

  2. Log in with your Google account and allow and Google Voice to access your contacts, microphone, etc.

    Google Voice app, Continue as, and Allow highlighted in Google Voice app
  3. Go to Calls, Contacts, or Messages and tap the number you wish to block.

  4. Tap the three dots next to the number.

    Calls icon, phone number, and three-dot menu highlighted in Google Voice app
  5. Tap Block number, then tap Block again to confirm. A red icon will appear next to the number indicating that it's blocked.

    Block number, Block, and Blocked number in the Google Voice app
  6. To make sure voicemails from blocked numbers go to spam instead of your inbox, tap Menu (the three lines next to the search field).

  7. Tap Settings.

  8. Turn on Filter spam.

    To listen to voicemails from blocked numbers, tap Menu > Spam.

    Three-line menu, Settings, and Filter spam toggle in Google Voice app
  • How do I tell if someone blocked my number on Android?

    You can tell if someone blocked your number on Android if you get an unusual message when you call or text such as “The person you are calling is unavailable.” If you hear only one ring, no ring at all, or a busy signal, it’s possible your number is blocked through their wireless carrier.

  • Where do I find blocked numbers on Android?

    To see your blocked numbers on Android, open the Phone app and tap the three dot menu > Settings > Blocked Numbers. Tap the X next to a number to unblock it.

  • Why is a blocked number still calling me on Android?

    When you block a number, you still might get notifications when they try to call you. Calls from blocked numbers are listed as Blocked in your call logs.

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