How to Stop the Automatic Installation of Suggested Windows 11 Apps

Use the Registry Editor to end the installs

What to Know

  • Open Run > Regedit > Registry Editor.
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current
  • Change the DWORD value for SilentInstalledAppsEnabled to 0.

This article shows you how to stop the installation of apps suggested by Windows.

How Do I Stop Windows 11 From Automatically Installing Suggested Apps?

Windows 11 has less bloatware compared to earlier versions, but there is some included software you might not ever need. Here's what you need to prevent Windows from automatically installing any more suggested apps in the background.

  1. Select Windows + R to open the Run dialog.

  2. Select Yes on the UAC (User Account Control) dialog to open the Registry Editor. You can also open the editor directly from the search box on the taskbar by typing "regedit".


    Before making any changes, always back up the Registry. You can restore the registry if things go wrong from the backup file.

  3. Copy and paste the following Registry path in the field at the top of the Registry editor's window. Alternatively, you can drill down the Registry key folders on the left of the split window and navigate to the specific key.

    Registry Editor in Windows 11
  4. Check the SilentInstalledAppsEnabled value on the right pane. Changing the DWORD value turns off Windows' suggested apps feature.

    • If it exists, double-click the value to display the Edit DWORD (32-bit Value) dialog box. Change the Value data from 1 to 0.
    • If the SilentInstalledAppsEnabled value doesn't exist, select ContentDeliveryManager and right-click on it. Select New > Dword (32-bit) Value. Name this SilentInstalledAppsEnabled and give it the value 0. Choose OK.
    Content Delivery Manager Registry Key in Windows 11
  5. Reboot the PC to effect the registry tweak.

  6. Toggling the value in the ContentDeliveryManager key turns off Windows' ability to install suggested apps in the background. To enable the setting, go back into the registry and change the value to 1 again.

Turn Off the Suggested Content in the Settings App

Microsoft also suggests new apps and content (like new Windows features) via the Settings app. This feature doesn't automatically install unwanted apps in the background if kept enabled. But you can also turn off all future suggestions if you find them annoying.

Here's how to turn off Suggested Content in the Settings App.

  1. Select Windows + I to open Settings.

  2. Select Privacy & security from the list on the left of the Settings window.

  3. In the General section, go to Show me suggested content in the Settings app and move the toggle to Off.

    Show me suggested content in the Settings app setting in Windows 11
  • How do I turn off background apps in Windows 11?

    First, open the Settings app, and then click Apps in the left panel. Go to Apps & Features > pick an app > three-dot menu > Advanced options. Finally, under the Background app permissions menu, choose Never. You'll have to repeat these steps for each app.

  • How do I stop apps from opening at startup in Windows 11?

    You can also use the Settings app to prevent apps from opening when you first turn on your computer. Go to Settings > Apps > Startup, and then turn the toggle to Off for each app you want to block.

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