How to Stop a Facebook Stalker

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Are you being harassed or abused by a Facebook stalker? It's no fun being bullied or stalked, whether it's on Facebook or somewhere else, and there's really no reason for it to happen. However, it does happen, and it even happens on Facebook.

Don't delete or deactivate your Facebook account. Instead, follow our guide on what to do to stop Facebook stalkers.

What to Do When Someone's Facebook Stalking You

Fortunately, there are some things you can do if you get stalked by someone through Facebook. You can stop that Facebook stalker from ever being able to see your Facebook profile or by contacting you again.

Block Them on Facebook Using Privacy Settings

With adjustments made to your Facebook privacy settings, you can just type in the stalker's name and block them from ever seeing you again.

Block Them From Their Own Profile

Right from the stalker's own profile page, you can block them from being able to see you and report the Facebook stalker at the same time.

Look in the area where their cover image is, and find the small menu with three horizontal dots. From there, choose what you want to do: Report or Block.

Block Facebook Strangers From Finding You in a Search

Don't let anyone except those on your friend list be able to see you in Facebook search, or any other search for that matter.

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Don't Let Strangers See Your Facebook Profile

Don't let anyone who's not on your list of friends see your profile. That stalker won't be able to see you or send you messages anymore.

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More Information on Facebook Stalkers

While it's become increasingly harder to truly stalk someone on Facebook because of the multitude of same names across many locations around the world, and the hundreds if not thousands of images some users collect, it does still happen.

Remember that while the steps above are a great way to permanently stop someone from finding or viewing you on Facebook, you do have to remain diligent about what you post online.

For example, posting images or status updates that are visible to the public, will allow the public to see that information. Therefore, blocking someone will only block them from viewing that public information while logged in, meaning they could still log out and access your public page without restriction.