Still No Plans for an Official Instagram App on iPad

Instagram's CEO says it's not in the cards

Despite Instagram's exponential popularity, Apple's tablet so far has been left out of the loop, and that doesn't seem like it will change any time soon.

According to PhoneArena, when asked if an iPad app was forthcoming, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri shot down the idea. He reasoned that, while an iPad app would be "nice," the company has too many other pressing priorities and not enough people to carry out all of them.

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To a certain degree, it's understandable, as Instagram has always prioritized smartphones as a platform for its app. It's been mostly smartphone exclusive, really. You can't even create new posts from your computer—they have to be from the phone app (though Instagram did start testing a feature this past spring that would let you post from your computer, according to PhoneArena),

So why is the iPad, arguably a more fitting device than a desktop or laptop for the service, still being left out in the cold?

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There might still be hope if you've wanted to use Instagram on your iPad, though not in the form of a native app. That's still not happening. But PhoneArena has pointed out that iPadOS 15 will run iPhone apps on an iPad in landscape mode—even if there's no official iPad version of the program.

With no iPad app on the horizon, iPad users who want to post to Instagram from their tablet have no choice but to keep waiting. That, and hope the iPadOS 15 workaround is successful. And maybe before too long, the company will decide to do something about it.

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