The Most Addictive Sites on the Web

Mesmerizing websites that will suck you in


These websites are inspiring, shocking, and quirky. They are powerful examples of just how interesting the World Wide Web can be. Human achievement, human folly, inspirational stories of compassion and courage, and horrific stories of terrible crimes are all represented here.

Note: SFW stands for "safe for work," and are sites with clean content suitable for most viewers. If a site is marked as NSFW, that means the content is often "not safe for work." If a site is not expressly tagged as SFW, assume that it may contain content that is NSFW (not safe for work).

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Distractify (SFW)

Cat in bed is about human emotion. These viral stories are hand-picked by the editors because they impact the human condition in some way. The photography is often impressive. You can find life hacks on how to raise your children in a safer way, tips on how to improve your relationship with your dog, and topics beyond. Compelling and addictive content fills the pages of Distractify.

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Listverse (SFW)

Listverse: shocking and inspiring trivia about the world we live in.

Listverse is a collection of thousands of gems of human knowledge, presented in list format. From the morbid and macabre, to the inspiring and the enthralling, these trivia lists are truly remarkable. The content is safe for viewing at work, so you can safely share this site with your coworkers.

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The Chive


The Chive is a blog site of photos, videos, and interesting links that highlight curious and bizarre stories from around the world. It also is a venue for provocative body photos for young people who wish to showboat online. The curiosity and youthful appeal of The Chive website has garnered a large cult following on the internet, and millions of readers everywhere visit The Chive every day.

of 26 (SFW) a very addictive website.

Learn how to do things on this site. Learn how to breathe fire, how to flirt like a pro, how to cut a beer bottle in half, or how to tell the difference between a prostitute and an undercover cop. is a delicious buffet of engineering, ingenuity, and curiosity.

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Upworthy (SFW)

upworthy1.jpg viral content that will inspire you.

Upworthy is on a mission to spread important viral content. No stupid drunk guys surfing on their driveways, Upworthy is about advancements in science, cultural tolerance, human understanding, and meaningful relationships. A true gem on the World Wide Web, Upworthy is definitely worth thirty minutes of your time.

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Viral Nova (SFW)

viralnova1.jpg extraordinary stories, aggregated in one place for your viewing pleasure!.

The evocative name says it all: viral content that explodes on your screen. Viral Nova is an aggregation of extraordinary stories that are vetted every day. With plenty of visuals, this website is guaranteed to suck you in for at least thirty minutes.

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Sploid: News from the Future (SFW)

Sploid blog
Sploid blog at Gizmodo.

Sploid is a bizarre news and lifestyle interest blog that features astonishing science and nature information. Watch video footage of surreal weather anomalies, gravity-defying human achievements, incredible gadgets, and scientific wonders. Sploid is absolutely a mesmerizing visual experience.

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Here are thousands of users sharing awful anecdotes and venting. You'll read about how a boyfriend ruined someone's day, how a teacher crushed a young person's esteem, or how the mechanic shafted someone on a repair job. Addictive to read this stuff? Absolutely.

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2Leep: The Best Hub for Bizarre News (NSFW)

2Leep stands out because it is a hub of thousands of fascinating blogs and photo collections from around the world. See videos of trucks being lifted by the wind. See bizarre furniture and pet hairdos. See Bob Dullam's homemade batmobile.

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Whether you get sucked into Farmville and Mafia Wars, or if you just want to stay in touch with your friends and family, Facebook will burn hours of your time. See the funny video posted by your old high school friend, or read up on your air force friend's current posting in Florida.

Note: Some employers frown on using Facebook at work, and they may even have the site blocked on their network.

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Urlesque: Exposing Bits of the Web

Urlesque is one of the top aggregators for bizarre and curious content. Somewhat like, this site compiles hundreds of bizarre links into one site for convenient browsing. What makes Urlesque special is the editorial efforts behind the scenes. Editors sift through content to choose only those links that have broad appeal.  Here you'll find the most iconic Internet videos of all time, like skydiving in a kayak porta-potty pranks, homemade hovercrafts, an entire office lipsynching to Harvey Danger, and the now-famous Roomba-riding cat.

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eBay: The World's Largest Marketplace

eBay is the evolution of the flea market, with 21st-century security and payment controls in place. Auctions comprise most of eBay's transactions, but you can also make immediate purchases with "Buy It Now" and "Make Me an Offer" options. Millions of dollars transact on eBay every single day. Thousands of people even make eBay selling their full time career. And just like flea markets and yard sales, you can spend a lot of time sifting through items for sale to find hidden gems.

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People of Walmart (NSFW)

These are real people captured in candid photos at local Walmart stores. The choices in fashion and lifestyle are absolutely shocking, and this site has garnered much controversial attention because it allegedly typecasts people. But, this site is an addiction for millions of viewers.

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Fail Blog

FailBlog delivers hilarious and cringeworthy failures by the thousands. This photo and video blog capture some of the most tragic human mistakes you will ever see. Here you'll find horrifying examples of car parking errors, sports mishaps, advertising faux pas, bad clothing choices, and absurd human inventions. These are just regular everyday people doing absolutely idiotic things.

of 26 (SFW) is about upscale bargain shopping. As a third party clearance center, Overstock helps retailers unload a surplus of brand name and designer consumer items. You can find DKNY clothing, Samsung cameras, Callaway golf clubs, Tag Heuer wristwatches, Nine West shoes, Vincenzi men's suits, designer travel gear for pets, and more. There is a lot that is available here at prices significantly below retail.

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There: I Fixed It! (SFW)

"Kludging" is about poorly assembling a solution to a problem. In the case of, kludging is taken to the extreme. Here you can find outlandish examples of how to fix automobile steering, toilet problems, or perform home renovations. These are not photoshopped images; every submission is a candid photo of real-life DIY nightmares. This safe-for-work site is guaranteed for good chuckles, and you could probably show this to your boss and have her laugh with you, too.

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Despair: Demotivational Posters (SFW)

As an antithesis to motivational posters, takes inspirational photography and captions it with negative and cynical slogans. The effect is wickedly splendid and guaranteed to inspire laughter.

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Fark: The Bizarre News Aggregator (SFW)

Fark is also an aggregator for bizarre and weird news. Offbeat and unusual news stories from around the globe are assembled for quick browsing. Read about kangaroos goaded into fighting clowns, undertakers who raise money by offering free limo rides, naked air traffic controllers, homeless people who become famous chefs, chickens who adopt puppies, and more.

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Some people need to confess their sins to the world. Here, you'll find people's hidden fears, repressed hatreds, dirty secrets, embarrassing faux pas moments, overwhelming guilts, and more. Shocking, pitiful, horrific, it can also be really addictive to read these public confessions, perhaps even cathartic.

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Cute Overload (SFW) is a photo blog of user-submitted pet photos and videos. The objective is to showcase the adorable and endearing qualities of our four-legged and avian family members. Whether you're a softy at heart or a macho tough guy, you're guaranteed to get your daily dose of the feels at this addictive photo website.

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FaFaRAZZI: Pop Culture Made Into a Game (SFW)

If you like pop culture and enjoy following celebrities in the news, then you will absolutely revel in Here, you can score points for every time Tiger Woods apologizes on TV, or advance your team every time America's Next Top Model eliminates a contestant.

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Totally Looks Like...

Random associations of images from around the world: trees that resemble phones, vegetables that resemble people, gargoyles that resemble pets, celebrities that resemble your cousin. Submit your own, if you feel like it. At the very least: you'll be mesmerized by some of the curious combinations.

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Sh* Puzzle Photos and Strange Phenomena (NSFW)

Sh* is a photography blog where users comment on what they see in the pictures. Two things really make this site addictive: 1) the photos themselves contain obscure content that is often challenging to discern, and 2) the users make some really outlandish comments about each photo. The content is usually very adult, so be careful about your surroundings before you visit here.

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Top Walls Wallpaper (SFW)

Everybody loves wallpaper for their monitor. Whether you have a regular or a widescreen display, you'll love the visuals at Top Walls/Dow Wallpaper. Movies, artwork, cute animals, steamy women, expensive sports cars, or nature scenes, you're bound to find something you like at this site.

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PopCap Free Online Games (SFW)

PopCap offers some of the most addictive free games on the web. Many of these games involve slow-motion play, where you can stop play to continue doing other things (like your job). Longtime favorites like Bejeweled, Zuma, Bookworm, Pixelus, Atomica, and Insaniquarium will keep most people occupied for hours at a time.

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YouTube: "Related Videos"

If you start to browse the column of "related videos" on YouTube to the right of each clip, you'll be hooked. For example, you start watching "car reviews Honda CRV," and pretty soon you are browsing the car reviews of every one of its competitors. Even better: search for "talking dogs" or "Einstein the Genius Bird" and you'll be laughing for hours.