How to Step into the DaaS Market?

data as a service

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) always have it on top of their mind to explore new service arenas. Presently, there’s an increasing interest in evolving in the desktop as a service (DaaS) or hosted virtual desktop market because of the advantages it can offer around ease of use, functionality, and security. MSPs searching for new business ventures have few ways to step into this market. 

In reality, as per a survey conducted by Techaisle, MSPs have been offering top planned virtualization in the form of DaaS – surpassing data center, network storage, virtual desktop infrastructure, server virtualization, and data center application.

Further, 45-percent of MSPs are presently providing DaaS to SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses). Around 27% of them have plans to provide it this year, as per a research conducted on 684 channel partners, which comprised of 147 MSPs. Around 50% of the respondent Managed Service Providers revealed that they are hoping to see a rise in the revenue of their desktop virtualization this year. 

How Many Folks are Moving Towards Daas?

Another survey fetched more modest outcomes with around 11-percent of those surveyed stating they were planning to implement DaaS this year. Enterprise Strategy Group’s (Channel Acceleration Practice) senior partnering consultant Kevin Rhone observed that DaaS was continuing to evolve at a steady pace, mainly among the SMBs, and he was quoted as saying – “It's all about a lower [total cost of ownership] and the view that managing desktops is not core; it's a 'relatively' low-value task [that] they can and should outsource.

What's Driving the Growth?

The cloud orientation of DaaS is the main thing that's driving the growth, which many companies are experiencing, particularly as it keeps up its promise of the capability to decrease hardware costs and higher availability, according to a research associate Mathew Hopkins.


One of the best aspects of DaaS is its ability to offer a very quick desktop experience void of the on-site data center cost and maintenance. All these benefits are availed through the accessibility of faster and more reliable network connections. 

But still, simultaneously, MSPs have not found it easy to deliver hosted virtual desktop software because it’s a hosted solution and several providers lack their own data centers. So, they should opt for a data center solution or choose on from firms like Microsoft or Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

How Should MSPs Step into the DaaS Market?

Here are few choices available:

1. Continue to offer support for the desktops of their clients as a conventional managed service, where they can continue owning and paying for the infrastructure, while the partner offers all support and services. This is a common way, but the trend is declining a bit these days. 

2. Resell hosted virtual desktop from a provider and get the application hosted by an autonomous cloud vendor.

3. Resell hosted virtual desktop vendors like VMware and AWS that provide DaaS service. 

4. Establish their own data center and authorize hosting virtual desktop from a provider and later hosting the program on their own system.

So, if you're planning to enter the DaaS markets, you need to keep these aspects into consideration for sure.