Steam Update Adds New Download Page

It also includes changes to storage management and more

Steam’s latest update has made some big changes to the download page, as well as other sections of the video game store client.

For the last few years, Steam’s look has mostly remained the same. However, Thursday Valve released a new update, which brings a completely revamped downloads page, storage management section, and some additional updates to the library, itself.

Steam logo overlayed over several game title screens


The update is now available to download when users boot up Steam, and when installed will give them access to a more manageable downloads section. Downloads will now actively show the total progression completed for the download or update. Any partially completed updates in the queue also will now show a faded progress bar and a percentage of the download that is completed next to them. 

Other changes with the update include some additions to the context menu when downloading items, as well as a new icon next to a game’s title that will reveal more info about the types of content included in any updates.

Steam's new downloads page


Valve also has added a new Patch Notes link, which opens an overlay to the most recent patch notes for the connected game. This change only shows up for games that have patch notes entered into Steam’s event system, and only will show on updated downloads, not fresh installs.

Steam's library got some small changes, too, as well as fixed some issues with the Friends list. It’s unclear if Valve plans to make any other big changes to the Steam user experience at this time.

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