Steam Set a New Record for Users Over Thanksgiving Weekend

More than 27, million concurrent users

Steam set a new record of most concurrent users over the holiday weekend, and it'll probably happen again in the not-too-distant future.

According to the numbers on SteamDB, Steam has set a new concurrent user record for itself over this past Thanksgiving weekend, capped off at 27,384,959. November 28 saw an almost 500K increase over April's previous record (26,922,926). Though the number of Steam users playing games at that time was 7,827,251, meaning nearly 20 million people were using the app but not playing a game.

Steam's autumn sale


It makes sense considering the Steam Autumn Sale that kicked off on the 24th and will be going for a few more days yet. With all those Steam sale prices, it stands to reason that people would log in to take advantage—even if they won't be able to play any of their new purchases right away.

Though it wasn't purely due to this big sale—the games have also contributed to Sunday's new record. The recently-released Halo Infinite in particular added a little over 140K users to the count all on its own. Other popular titles like DayZ and Destiny 2 brought over 40K users apiece as well.

Steam sales


The record likely won't stand for very long. Steam's numbers have been steadily climbing for years with no sign of slowing down, and the big end-of-the-year sale might outshine the Thanksgiving Day traffic. We'll have to wait and see.

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