Steam Deck Launch Delayed by Months, Slips into 2022

Supply chain issues are to blame

It looks like those who made sure they were first in the queue to order a Steam Deck will have to wait a bit longer for the sought-after portable gaming device.

Valve just announced that the Steam Deck launch is delayed for two months from December 2021 to February 2022. The PC gaming giant blamed the delay on global supply chain issues, according to a company blog post and emails sent out to people who preordered the console.

Valve Steam Deck Delayed

Valve / Steam

“We did our best to work around the global supply chain issues, but due to material shortages, components aren’t reaching our manufacturing facilities in time for us to meet our initial launch dates,” the company wrote on Wednesday.  

Valve has already updated estimated release dates on the official Steam Deck page, so if you preordered the unit you should see Q1 or Q2 of 2022 as your new release date. The company says anyone with an active preorder will keep their place in line, with the beginning of the queue itself shifting to February. 

There is no word if February is even set in stone, as the company simply said that the units should begin shipping at that date according to “updated build estimates.” 

The Valve Steam Deck is a powerful hybrid gaming device that runs the Steam OS natively and looks to be able to run a suite of graphically intensive modern PC games. 

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